Double Ocarinist
Double Ocarinist
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Alto (favoured voicing) + Thalla (a cat i used to own) + Tallik (my 'alternate form', a Cobra-Island Fox splice) = Althaltallik
[+] Ocarinas - Owned & Wishlist
I Own:
STL Tenor (Alto) Zelda Ocarina of Time Replica (Link)
CJ (pitfired) Pit-Fired Flame Streaked 10 Hole Basic Transverse Prototype No. 1 (Surak)
Focabird SopranoG 12h - Trade from Kazareh (not yet named)

Songbird Bass Seedpod in C Handpainted
Songbird Hylian Shield Ocarina
Songbird Dove Ocarina
Songbird Muse Ocarina
STL Tenor Rupee (Gold)
STL Soprano Rupee (Green)
STL Tenor "Destiny" in Blue
Hind any Sweet Potato in Alto C
Bon Plastic Double Ocarina (Red)
Bon Plastic Triple Ocarina (Blue)