Triple Ocarinist x 2
Triple Ocarinist x 2
Location In the windmills of my mind
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Interests I've been playing the cello since 2005. I took on the ocarina in the year 2008. Then I got a few other instruments XD

I also like to draw, compose music, write lyrics, and take pictures.
Oc of Choice: Dragontooth
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Instruments Owned:
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Horst 4/4 Cello (Name: Victoria)
Rosewood Strumstick (Name: Artemis)
Kentucky Mandolin (Name: Sibel)
Dragontooth Ocarina Strawfired (Name: Winston)
(Discontinued) Songbird Soprano Pendant (Name: Jay)
7 hole Songbird OoT (Name: Navi)

Treble Concertina (Name: Jaqueline)
Jaw Harp (Name: Pepino)
Instruments Desired (In Somewhat of an Order of Priority):
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Hind Double Inline (Tenor F)
Songbird Little Wing (?)
Focalink Seedpod (Tenor)