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June 29th, 2018, 10:11 am #171

     Mr. Sheridan said, "We decided early on in this process that we would never, ever ask for deposits up-front. This kind of process leads to the Dark Side(tm)"
     What I do to stay on the 'Lighter Side' is that once an announcement is made for any New Haven product, I figure out how many of each I want and how many possible months before the release date. I then try and save the monthly portion of the total costs each month. Right now I'm saving for whichever stainless steel streamline car is produced, the four EP-5, two RDC-2, three RDC-3, two RS-3, three 36' double sheathed boxcars, and now I'm going to start saving for three RS-11 locomotives. This way I have made my "up-front deposits" in my savings account, as long as the first sergeant doesn't notice and decide to use my funds for what she considers important. If a projected item isn't made, than I just roll the funds in there already for another project in the future. And, no I'm not eating ramon for three meals a day. 😙

John Sheridan
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James Fellows wrote: We all have different priorities on what we want, I would rather have the County series then a Dinner, but that's just me.  Perhaps if you sold the Grill and a diner as a set you could do both.  Or better yet a County/grill set and a dinner/obs set and we could have all the cars with the exception of the rebuilt county cars.

What ever come out will be a vast improvement over what is available.  There are also options for kitbashing out there by using Union Station sides.

Jim Fellows
Jim you really do have a love for the counties don't you ? 😁

Unfortunately for you, A food service car is the overwhelming choice among the brethren. We only have 4 cars left in the series - 2 food service cars (Grill / Diner), 1 Obs & the 2 County cars (yes both flavors if we do them).  The sleepers are a completely separate project so count them off the table for now. 

Since the members want a food service car, the choices are: Grill or Diner. As much as we want to do both at the same time, we simply cannot afford to do both. So its a choice between either or but not both.

The Obs is not dead.....yet. It is very unlikely it will happen but never say never.

That leaves us with the County Cars. If we do then, we will be doing both versions - with & without baggage. Why both versions unlike the food service cars ? It is easier to manufacture a single shot body shell & add a few walls do make the extra drawing rooms than to create a completely different car like the grill or diner.

The only thing the same in the Grill - Diner are the trucks. The underframe arrangement is different (although the parts are the same), the interior is different, the body shell & roof are different. On the plus side, if we do either car, the major parts are there to do the other car & be cost effective. 

With all this said, patience is your friend. We will get to the County cars in good time.