The Speed Witch Volume 7, Issue 1 - Comments

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First, let me start by saying this was a very nicely done issue.

The article on the NH R-3-a was very interesting coupling it with a model setting. I think that was innovative. I think the Speed Witch is an excellent platform for people to write historical articles about the NH and use their models/layout for the illustrations. The need for fidelity to prototype as regarding such an article in The Speed Witch, in my opinion, should not be as important as how the modeler tied and adapted the historical aspect to the models/layout.

It was nice to see the article recounting the restoration of the Hopewell Junction station, and the highlights of the main people involved with that project. I think Bernie would have liked that article. As an aside, when I was in elementary school, one of my classmates lived in Hopewell Junction. In third grade, I spent the night a few times at his home. His father worked in the yard but I don't know what his position was. I do remember that the house was close to the yard, and it seemed that there was noise coming from it all night long. I had trouble sleeping. It was absolutely great!