Shoreliner Magazine - How many in total?

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Mr. Sullivan  ---  my comment about getting by without the Shoreliner was partly tongue-in-cheek.  I am one of those crazy people who never discarded a railroad magazine and I bought my first in 1948 (I was only a child).  Don't imagine I am sitting surrounded by magazines piled up to the ceiling and filling every square foot.  My collection is neatly arranged in cabinets, book cases and drawers.  I have nearly every Shoreliner, Along the Line, B&M Bulletin, Trains, Railroad Magazine, Model Railroader, RR Model Craftsman and many periodicals few know.  Actually, they take up less space than you might think.  And I know where to find what I need although my Railway Age collection is a bit mixed-up now (fortunately most are in bound volumes going back to 1896).  In short, if today I started reading all day it would be years before I finished --- and I'm cursed by having new issues come in all the time.  In other words, if there is a delay in the Shoreliner I'll not want for reading material even if the Shoreliner is one of the best.

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Mr. NH746EJO. I know my wife (the first sergeant) wishes I was even an eighth as organized as you are. Right now I counted five short stacks of railroad books, notebooks with data sheets and downloaded files, various magazines and journals, a box of borrowed drawings and pictures I have to find a local engineering firm to duplicate, and six model boxes on the floor around the computer desk. I don't have quite the variety in publications, a lot being purchased because of a single article or picture I wanted for future reference so scale or era has no meaning. Somewhere there is a magazine I bought because of a picture where the modeler used foil to make a fish on the end of a line that was jumping out of the water. Nothing else in it interested me. But, I have too many obligations to worry about cataloging it all. I am still researching the article I agreed to do for Mr. Dulmaine, plus three other unrelated things for publishing or presentation in 2018. However, when my Shoreliner comes in, everything else stops and I read it cover to cover. The SpeedWitch get treated with equal priority.
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