Reunion-Train show

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September 11th, 2017, 9:46 am #41

Needless to say, putting an event together such as this is not an easy task and can certainly not be achieved by just one individual.
I would like to thank very much and express my appreciation to the following who helped make this a successful event and to also show the NHRHTA "flag."
Bill and Cosette Dulmaine
Rich Pedersen
Dennis Fennessy
Bob Vancour
Dave Clinton
Mike Ribuffo
John Kasey
Paul Beck
Bill Schneider
John Grosner
Jim Fellows
Dave Herbert
Nancy Kowal
Marc Frattasio
Reggie Day
Howie Wharton
Rick Franzosa
Wm. Bladgett
My thanks also to all the vendors who not only supported last year's event but this year too and to Pam Amodio and her staff and the dinner train crew at The Valley RR for all their support and help.
A fabulous time was had by all and I also thank those of you who have expressed your support and appreciation for the event on the forum.