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    Mr. Statkowski. The only editing by BHI Publications that I could tell was not including the front and back covers. The reformating consisted of putting some pages side-by-side on one page, and making them a consistent 8.5"x11" format. Otherwise, I believe the Passenger Train Consist (PTC) books and all the other remakes of railroad books they publish are just publications of railroad originals in their format. 
    You said "... in order to get a "more accurate" consist one must also cross-check, train by train, the individual car assignments in the front of the book, and the storage mail/RPO assignments..." I found that true in all three of my PTCs. Hopefully Mr. Sheridan will include the  storage mail/RPO assignments on the spreadsheets, and include the caveat you stated.
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Just out of curiosity I looked up No. 168, the Montrealer, from the April 1941 "Normal Through Train Consists" book (as opposed to an abnormal, strange or unusual train consists book?).

Anyway, minus any special notes or days operating, here's a quick listing of what's on the train:
1 Express, Washington-Boston -- Note 1
1 Express, Cincinnati-Springfield
1 Express, Pittsburgh-Boston -- Note 2
1 Express, Chicago-New Haven
1 Storage, Penn. Sta.-Boston -- Note 2
1 Storage, Penn. Sta.-Portland
1 Apartment, Penn. Sta.-Springfield
1 Coach, Washington-Springfield
1 Combine, Washington-Montreal
1 Coach, Washington-Montreal
1 Sleeper, Washington-Montreal
1 Sleeper, Washington-Montreal
1 Sleeper, New York-Montreal -- Note 3
1 Sleeper, New York-St. Albans -- Note 3
1 Sleeper, New Haven-Bretton Woods -- Note 4
1 Parlor, Washington-Springfield
1 Sleeper, Washington-New Haven -- Note 5
1 Sleeper, Washington-New Haven -- Note 6

Note 1:  This express car gets handed off to No. 178, a mail & express train, at New Haven.  Go to the No. 178 listing, and there's no mention of a Washington-Boston car coming from No. 168.
Note 2:  Since No. 168 didn't go to Boston, this car had to be handed off to another train at New Haven.  Was it No. 178?  The No. 168 listing doesn't show it being handed off to anything, and the No. 178 listing doesn't show anything, either.
Note 3:  Did these cars originate in G.C.T.?  "New York" in other listings is used for G.C.T., while "Penn. Sta." is used for Penn. Sta.
Note 4:  A sleeping car originating at New Haven?  If it originated in G.C.T., it doesn't say what train it came off of.
Note 5:  In this car's notes it continues on to Bretton Woods on No. 166, but it's not the same car as the other Bretton Woods car.
Note 6:  This one continues on to Hyannis on No. 102, so why isn't it shown as a Washington-Hyannis car?

Now, pop to the back of the book for the Railway Mail Service Authorization listing, and it shows a 30 ft. Apartment from Penn. Sta. to Springfield, which is shown in the consist, but also shows two Storage Mail cars from Penn. Sta. to Springfield, which are not shown in the consist.

And that's just one train from one consist book.