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If you missed out on reserving the Rapido Stainless Parlors and Parlor-Lounges, you are in luck!  We received the balance of Rapido's stock, which they keep for warranty purposes for three months.  Before putting these on the "Store" Website, I thought I'd give you folks a chance at these last-remaining cars. The extra Stainless Coaches sold out, and these will too, as soon as they go on the Website and we start taking them to next season's train shows.

So, if you're in need of any of these, the cost is $89.99 each + $8 shipping for the first car and $1 for each additional. If they're mailed to a Massachusetts address, please add 6.25% sales tax.  You may send us a check to NHRHTA or use a Credit Card; we accept MasterCard, VISA and Discover.

Please send me an email, if you want me to set aside car(s) for you. (DO NOT "REPLY" TO THIS POST!) In most cases, we only have one of each, except for the un-named "kits", where we have at least 1/2-dozen. This will be another "first-come, first-serve" -basis, based on my getting your email request:  daveclinton@verizon.net.

If the named cars are not available, you should purchase the un-named "kits", which come with all the proper-length name boards, interiors for both Parlor and Parlor/Lounge, and light bar (LEDs)/wiring.  If you're not into assembling this yourself, for an additional $10 the "Readville Shops" will do that for you with your requested car name and interior assembled and lighted.

Here's what we presently have in stock:
As-delivered (green stripe)
Brockton           Connecticut River
Attleboro           Thames River
Guilford             Housatonic River
Westerly            Blackstone River
Holyoke             Hudson River
Newport            Un-named

Stonington          Lyme
Pawtucket           New Britain
Mystic                 New Milford
Groton                New Bedford

McGinnis-No skirts
Pittsfield              New Rochelle
Bridgeport           Meriden

Remember--this is your last chance to get one, or more, of these gorgeous cars. "Speak now or forever hold your peace!"

Thanks for your interest and patronage of our NHRHTA productions,