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One of the interesting things over the years that I have noted in the study of history is that at sometime you
actually lose track of it in that you can be part of history as it is being made. Now I do not have a hubris that great to think that I am a great part of
history as a whole but when it comes to the history of some small part of it such as NHRHTA it can be a bit startling how fast time can fly

At our April 4, 2009 Board of Directors meeting, I declined another term as President of the NHRHTA, Inc., and nominated Bill
Dulmaine as a candidate for that position. The BOD concurred. The BOD then
proceeded to elect me to fill the office of Chairman formerly held by Bill.

I would like to say that having been President of this organization was an interesting if not always rewarding experience. I
could not have survived 20 years without the support of many other very dedicated individuals on the BOD, the Officers and members. It does amaze me at times
the selfless dedication of some that have served this organization for DECADES, out of a simple labor of love for a corporate entity long

For me, a score of years as President is enough. Leading an all-voluntary organization is not an easy task in that personality is
the only leverage available. Looking back we had our successes and failures and since hindsight is always 20/20 I make no apologies for that, as it was the
right thing to do at the time. In the past 20 years we came into the digital age sometimes painfully but we are here with web sites and forums. We have evolved
from the cut and paste publishing mode into full digital technology. We have a fully functioning cooperative archive with the University of Connecticut which
will survive long after the original founders are just memories.

There will always be those who will criticize decisions and actions taken, however in most cases, that is because there are
reasons unknown to them as to why things are done in a particular manner. I have seen the highpoints and the nadir of despair on this rollercoaster of an
organization. Was it worth it, some may ask, and my answer is Yes your damned right it was! My association with the organization goes back to 1966 and the
nascent NHRTIG and the leaps that have been made are frankly amazing if you just look at the small bit of history of this

For the future I can return to writing some articles that I have piled up in file cabinets as the day to day running of the
NHRHTA, Inc. is left to Bill Dulmaine. As always anything I can help answer a members question as to the history or a technical item of the NHRR, I'm not
going anywhere soon (I Hope). It's been a trip!

Wayne D.
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Thank you for the years and valuable time you have spent for our organization.

Let us hope that it continues for another 20 years.

Bob Helwig

(Yankee Clipper)

Ed O Rourke
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Good for you Wayne. Thanks for all your hard work over the last 20 years.


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I would like to add my thanks to you for the excellent organization that is the NHRHTA. As we say in the Navy, Bravo Zulu...Well Done!

Ed Colbert

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Thank you, Wayne.

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Nice job at the helm and a well-deserved down-shift in responsibilities. Hopefully now I can rush back to CT to hear you once again call "Aboard" in
the basement of St. John's Episcopal Church.

Thanks for your tenure.

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Thank you all for the kind words. Yes Dick the NHRR still runs in the Church and that is approaching a 70 year
mark so anyone who wishes stop by on a Tuesday and I am usually there.

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Wayne, thanks for all the help you have given over the years. I know that I have benefited as a result, and I have shared the knowledge that I have gained from
you and the members here with others who were wanting to listen. I look forward to reading your articles.

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Thanks for all you have done. The organization is better for your efforts. I hope you'll stick around a long time, I always enjoy your bright red
contributions to this forum!!

Rick Franzosa

Rick Franzosa

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Thank you Wayne for your many years of excellent service and attention to detail!

You have done an outstanding job!

I think this is also a good time to thank all the members of the BOD and the tech committees also!

The individual members also make this a great site and the collective knowledge here is outstanding!

Thank you one and all!

Jim Warner