Hairpin fencing

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Hairpin fencing

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November 15th, 2017, 2:17 pm #1 ... 1_orig.jpg[/img]Does any forum member have dimensional information, or preferably a copy of original drawings, for the inter-track iron "hairpin" fencing that was a feature of many New Haven stations?

Specifically, I'm looking for dimensions of the posts between each section of fencing, including information as to how the sections were attached to each post, and the size and shape of whatever was buried in the ballast. This is for a preservation project involving sections of original fencing, for which the posts are lacking.

To complicate matters, it appears that the New Haven used at least two slightly different styles of such fencing, which themselves replaced an earlier wooden standard design.  The surviving sections in question are quite heavily built, with round bars for the "hairpins", and based on photos used posts that did not extend above the upper rail. In general, this type seem to have been installed at Stamford and stations west of it, most likely at the time of the original electrification.  A somewhat lighter version, with square-section "hairpins" and posts extending above the top rail, was perhaps more common, and a combination of original and reproduced elements of the lighter version may be seen today at the Valley Railroad's Essex Station.  Any original drawings or other information would be helpful, as to either of these styles. 

(The photo I've attached, or at any rate attempted to, shows the westbound Cos Cob station in 1954 with the heavier-style fencing.  It comes from the TylerCityStation website, with ultimate credit to Archives and Special Collections, UConn.)

Thanks in advance.