Elevation and grades

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Yes, 30 feet above sea level for Oak Point Yard would mean one heck of a pull from the float bridges up to yard level.  USGS maps show it as under 20 feet, and 10 sounds even more reasonable.  The Port Morris Branch might even have been 5 feet since it sits a little bit lower than Oak Point Yard.

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Mr. Statkowski and Mr. NH746EJO, we are kind of drifting along the shoreline of the thread topic on elevation and grades albeit at the opposite end of the spectrum dealing with yard height above sea level and grade of car float ramps. I had guesstimated with my mind's eye view and not looking at pictures or a car float. I measured the car float side I'm using and it's 7.5 feet, so the yard will be about eight feet above sea level with an almost zero percent grade at the car floats, whichever tide that was. Thanks for the help, and so far the wrath of the thread topic police hasn't descended upon us yet. I agree we should probably continue on a specific thread though. Thanks again.
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