Brass EP-4 Kit on eBay

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Richard Abramson
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That is an MEW EP-3 circa 1965-66.

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flatcar99 wrote:  now heres old school non haven :)

Neat collection of old Lionel rectifier electrics.  The repainted PRR version up front shows Blomberg trucks.  The Blomberg trucks were used only for the VGN model (produced 1959 by Lionel & Athearn), so this must have originally been a VGN model.  The NH model rectifier (produced 1959-60 by Lionel) and the original Tuscan PRR rectifier (produced 1960 by Lionel) had AAR trucks.
I find it uncanny that Lionel produced this model with a NH paint scheme in 1959, four years before the NHRR took possession of a similar style electric (EF4) in 1963!  Someone in Lionel marketing must have had a crystal ball.

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Flatcar 99,
Glad to see that I'm not the only one bitten by the Non Haven bug!
Very nice collection of Virginian electrics.
I have one of the original Athearn ones that has seen better days, and am actively looking for a better one for display.
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