Tom Lapt
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9:21 AM - Nov 14, 2017 #11

Thanks again for all the FANTASTIC responses, guys!  (And Ed, on closer examination of that Glen roundhouse before your last reply, I did realize that the lower "brick mortar" lines were actually heating radiators).  I'm now definitely going to be painting the interior walls & support columns white; I also want to "dirty up" the very light grey the roundhouse floor sections are molded in, particularly to imitate water or oil spills near the rails.  At this point, I still have some work to do on getting the rail heights at the pit edge closer to level with the turntable bridge rails (I used Micro Engineering code 83 flex track, with the ties removed for where they extend into the roundhouse floor); on a couple of stalls, although I have the rail side-to-side alignment OK, I have some rather significant height differences between the turntable bridge & roundhouse rails (the latter being the higher ones); on the worst one (what will be stall #5), the height difference is significant enough to cause my BLI I-5's pilot to short the rails if I try to run it in nose-first.  I fastened the rails down with silicone rubber, so if need be, I think I can remove them & re-lay if necessary without too much difficulty.  (If I do so, I'm thinking of grinding or filing down the BOTTOM of the rails where they extend of the turntable pit edge).  Again, thanks for all the help!  :)