3800-3946 Baggage Cars

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3800-3946 Baggage Cars

Bill Chapin
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I'm working on a model of one of NH's 3800 series baggage cars and have a couple questions.  I want to make it so the baggage doors open and consequently want to know wall and floor materials and paint.  I've been presuming the floor is hardwood which may have started with a waxed finish and over time has darkened up with use,  and I've wondered if the walls and ceiling were just plain (dirty) white or whether the walls or just the lower half of the walls were a gray or eye rest green color.  I have also been thinking that the inside walls may have been a horizontal ship lap or similar.  I know there are two of these cars in museums in CT.  Is there anyone out there that has any insight into this?  

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Mr. Chapin. From the NYNH&HRR Diagram 24326, dated November 21, 1938, reissued 6-1-40, 9-25-42, 6-1-44, and 1-15-51. "Car converted from wood horse and carriage car, and steel underframe applied at Readville in 1926 - 1929. Flooring: -Double floor thru-out car, with extra hardwood floor at door openings. Insulation: -Hair felt & wood lining thru-out car. Car equipped with floor sockets for storage mail & horse stall equip't." Those are the only notes that seem to apply to your questions. The diagram is in NHRTIA's Passenger Car Diagram Book, Revised Edition (1975). Both diagram 24326 and the NHRTI data sheet 5.3800-3846 (it should probably be 3946) list which of the two types of trucks used by specific car numbers. One type is the Harlan wood and steel composite trucks and the other type was Commonwealth cast steel trucks. If you say which car you are modeling, I will tell which truck goes with that number since they jumped around within the series. I looked through the Shoreliner index, but did not find an article about the 3800 series baggage cars. Went through my other equipment books, but did not find anything else to help with your questions.
Richard H. Sullivan, Jr.  member #3967

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Thread jack: After reading Joe Smith's and Peter Ness' Archer Rivet detail article in Speedwitch, I happened across the Signalstation199 blog that has a multi-part series on scratch bashing those ROP-baggage cars. GREAT ARTICLE Messrs. Smith and Ness! And the blog is GOLD!.  For everyone out there, throw your blog/Facebook/www site out there when writing articles. Don’t take for granted someone like me, new to the hobby and have never met you; I would have no idea this info exists. This CORRECT reference and explanatory material is awesome. I would never have attempted to scratch build an RPO; my high school WWII armor modeling skills aren't that good; but now I'm collecting pieces and parts to give a RPO-baggage car a shot per signalstation199 info.  
To the subject at hand: Mr Sullivan referenced  the NHRTIA's Passenger Car Diagram Book, Revised Edition (1975). Any chance that's still available through NHRHTA?  I have found pieces/drawings of the info from UCONN Dodd, and others were a Shoreliner insert a few months ago, but would love the full book.
Eric Vandiver

Peter R Ness
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Hi Eric and thanks for the kind words.  For diagrams, check the New Haven page on the Alphabet Route website http://www.alphabetroute.com/nynhh/index.php.  Click on Equipment Rosters and then look for passenger car diagrams.  Most of them are available. You may find some useful info on my website but if not, check the links page which may be helpful.