An endless competition F/F (Completed)

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An endless competition F/F (Completed)

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This is my second story and I hope you enjoy it as much as the first ( Losing Everything )

Once again I remind you that english is not my native language , so please forgive my mistakes 

 Part 1 : Family dinner 

My name is Jennifer Martin and this is my story.

It is said that the happiest days in the life of a person are the day of his marriage and the birth of their first child. If they had asked me then, I would have affirmed with absolute certainty that nothing could make me happier than how I was atthat midsummer day. I was so euphoric that I jumped nimbly out of the convertible car of my friend Rose in the same instant when the car stopped. My long black hair were moved by a light breeze and the last rays of the sun (that was setting) hit my fair skin. I greeted my friend who was parking her BMW and I ran towards my house which was located in two blocks away.

I could not believe I got the part, I could not believe that my life was about to change forever. Instead of running straight at home, I took several detours to train since that day I skipped my morning run. I was the captain of the women's soccer team at my school and I could not afford to be out of shape at the beginning of the senior year. An athletic body and a beautiful face made me definitely an attractive girl, but I never considered myself beautiful as a model, unlike my mother that even then that she was forty years old,  was a stunning beauty with her beautiful red hair that unfortunately I had not inherited, taking instead the most common black hair of my father .

I paused for a moment with tears in my eyes, thinking about how my father would have been proud to hear that I had gotten such an important part. Cinema had been his great passion and everyone still say that Robert Martin would become one of the most important directors in the history if only he had a little more time. But a tragic accident in the mountains had taken away the promising director, had taken away my father when I was just thirteen. I tried to remove from my mind that fateful day of five years earlier, and I resumed my run.

I saw that it was nearly seven and I ran to my house, where it was waiting for me a very interesting dinner and my mother had told me that there would be even Aunt Emma, which is a rare thing since the two sisters were not very united, probably because of the great competition that there had been between them in the past, a competition similar to the one that existed between me and my "beloved" cousin Kaley , who fortunately would have not been present at the dinner, definitely too angry to be finished second and not having obtained the part. While I smiled triumphantly thinking back to the defeat of my cousin, I turned the corner and I went crashing into a boy with tousled hair.

- Be careful where you go - I shouted to the boy who wore glasses with thick lenses and braces on his teeth

- I'm sorry - he stammered even though  it was not his fault, and he stooped to pick up his books that had fallen on the ground.

With a kick I threw a book in the middle of the road and it was almost hit by a passing car. I resumed my run without giving a further look at that miserable nerd. 

When I got home I found my mother waiting for me in the living room and when she saw me come in, she ran to hug me and congratulated with me. I drank a fresh lemonade and I went to take a shower to wash away all the sweat and to relax my muscles. Like any girl I spent so much time in the bathroom that when I came back downstairs, dinner was ready and Aunt Emma had arrived. My aunt was almost identical to my mother, and perhaps she looked even better than her sister. Her long red hair was brighter than ever, and her green eyes were wonderful. Once again I could not help but regret not having taken the genetic heritage of my mother and of my aunt.

- Here she is our great actress - my mother said to my aunt when she saw me, careless that I had got the part at the expense of my cousin Kaley.

My aunt, however, seemed not to notice the little dig of her sister and hugged me warmly. Her scent was intoxicating, and I was a little sorry to separate from her, breaking the embrace. Aunt Emma was very elegant, and I could not but adore her white dress that fell to the height of the knees and her black stockings on her perfect legs. At her feet she was wearing expensive black high heels of a famous Italian brand. I was almost paralyzed , looking at her shoes for almost a minute, then my mother call my name and she brought me back to reality

- Jennifer, take a seat at the table -

Aunt Emma sat down next to me and I saw her crossing her legs elegantly and I could not help but peek back down at her feet

- Jennifer, tell us what those of the production told to you, why they chose you - said my mother that apparently wanted to rage on my aunt, making me say why they chose me for that important part and not her daughter.

- They did not say much, or maybe I was too excited and I did not understand much . It is a fact that I got the part and I'm very happy about this - I said, trying not to look at my aunt's face.

- She is just like her mother. I still remember when I got my first part. It was in the movie "A scandal at the Casino", do you remember it , Emma ? - said my mother that she had got the part instead of her sister.

- I remember well - Aunt Emma said with a broad smile on her face that made her look even more beautiful - I also remember that it was one of the biggest flop of Donald Stein, he has not directed many films after that failure -

- Well , you can not always be successful - replied my mother, who had suffered the blow of her sister.

To prevent that the two sisters continued to throw barbs each others or began to discuss seriously, I tried to think of something interesting to say that might distract them.

- You have really beautiful shoes, Aunt - I said without thinking but still reaching my goal and distracting the two women.

- I'm glad you like them, I bought them last week. I must confess that I have spent a small fortune for them but it seems that it was worth it given that they attract so many glances at my feet -

I do not know why but her words made me blush intensely and I began to eat the disgusting soup that my mother had prepared. Usually she did not cook but Mary, our maid, was out of town for a few days.

In the middle of dinner, the phone rang and with amazement I heard my mother say :

- Excuse me but I have a commitment with my agent -

- But Mom, you said that at least for once we would have been together without any distractions - I protested vigorously

- I'm sorry Jen, but I have to go, maybe I can do an advertisement that can yield us a lot of money - and before I could say anything else, she gave me a kiss on the forehead, greeted coldly Aunt Emma and went out. 

I could not believe she was gone in that way, that she had left me alone even on that special evening. Apparently even get a part in a famous film had not changed anything in our relationship. My mother was very sweet in words but in deeds was very cold with me and I was really fed up of her prima donna attitudes, I was tired of always being left alone, I was fed up to ask for advice to my maid, advice that a mother should give to her daughter.

- Why she is always like that  ? - I asked with tears in my eyes

- Do not worry it's all right, it's not your fault - said Aunt Emma hugging me. 

Once again I could not help but get lost in her scent. I felt so good in her arms, I could not remember ever being hugged like that from my mother.

- Thanks Aunt - I murmured

- Your are welcome, honey. Now I suggest you throw away this stuff and eat the cake that I brought. We know well that cooking is not for Christine - my Aunt said bursting out laughing.

Her laughter definitely improved my mood and joyfully I threw the food my mother had prepared in the trash. The cake was delicious and as we ate , Aunt Emma told me funny stories about my mother making me laugh hard. At one point, the plate fell from my hands and the sweet ended up on my aunt's elegant shoes.

- I'm sorry, i'm sorry - I said mortified, and before she could say anything I threw myself on the floor and I began to clean her shoes with a clean towel, being careful not to rub too hard to not ruining even more her shoes. Aunt Emma said nothing the whole time and she just looked at me while I cleaned ,on my knees ,fervently her shoes, continuing to ask for her forgiveness. When the shoes were totally clean, I looked up and I saw that Aunt Emma was smiling and at that moment I was very happy that she was satisfied with my work. I was almost paralyzed on my knees for more than a minute gazing those wonderful green eyes, then suddenly Aunt Emma said:

- While you're there , could you do me a favor, dear ? These shoes are beautiful but they are not very comfortable. Would you care to give me a massage ? My feet are very sore -

"My aunt wants that i give her a foot massage ? "I thought, slightly dazed, I felt as if I had drunk too much.

- But maybe I'm asking for a bit too much. I understand that you do not want to touch my feet - said Aunt Emma looking into my eyes

-No Aunt, will be a pleasure for me to rub your feet - I was stunned when I heard these words come out of my mouth. 

Upon hearing my answer Aunt Emma stroked my head gently and at that moment I felt like a cat purring, then after having looked again at her in the eye, I began to gently remove her shoes. My heart was beating wildly and I could not understand what was happening to me, why I was so excited in that moment. When I took off the first shoe, I could easily smell the foot scent of Aunt Emma and I was stunned. It was not what I expected, I could not in fact call it a bad smell indeed seemed to me a perfume even more beautiful of that my Aunt was using that night and I could not help but take a deep breath, immediately ashamed for what I had just done, but luckily Aunt Emma seemed not to have noticed.

Her stockinged foot was hot and with my hands I could feel how wet it was . With my thumbs I made a gentle pressure on the soft sole and heel. A little moan made me realize that Aunt Emma was enjoying my job, and I was proud of myself. I concentrated myself more and more and Aunt Emma's moans became more frequent. After about ten minutes, I also removed the other shoe and started to massage the right foot as I had done with the left. When I realized that Aunt Emma was enjoying the massage with the eyes closed, I took a risk and i approached my face to her foot so that my nose was just under her toes and I sniffed again her foot scent. I do not know why that strange smell made such a special effect on me but I know that I would never stopped to smell her  foot scent of my own free will. Only when I felt the toes of Aunt Emma curl and touch for a moment my nose, I turned away with disappointment my face from her feet, afraid of being discovered. Aunt Emma, however, was still with eyes closed and gave no sign of having noticed anything strange, strange as her own niece who was smelling her feet. I continued to massage the feet of my Aunt for another twenty minutes, resisting to that strange impulse of smelling her feet, I did not want to tempt fate too much .

- It was great, you're really good - Aunt Emma said while I put back her shoes on

- Oh, thank you - I stammered embarrassed

- It would be nice to have a massage like this every night, it is so relaxing. - If you feel like , sometimes we could do it again, if it is not a problem for you touch again my feet , of course -

-Yes - I said - I mean, no, It is not a problem touch your feet - I continued to stutter, then before I could stop , I heard go out of my mouth : 

-They are so soft -

I'm sure to be turned red as a tomato, my Aunt looked at me for a moment and chuckled

- Your so nice Jennifer. Well since you like it so much, I look forward to receiving another massage - she patted my head again and stood up. 

While ,still on my knees, I watched my beautiful Aunt leave, my gaze went again to her feet and I could not help but think:

"Me too I'm looking forward to it again , Aunt "

End Part 1

I do not think of being able to keep the pace of the last time , so do no expect a new chapter everyday , although I will try to write as fast as possible
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Amazing begining! Just as usual I hope that you will add some degrading asshole and pussy licking at some point. It would be nice to see Kaley filming Jennifer licking her aunt feet and the forcing her to lick her ass at the very begginig of the slavery. Is this scenario possible?

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Very nice start! The story's development is smooth and very interesting! Please don't include exaggerating scenes in your story because then it looks like as something that couldn't happen in the real word. I can't wait for the next part as usual! Take your time, and remember that the story is yours!

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Evals1989 wrote:Amazing begining! Just as usual I hope that you will add some degrading asshole and pussy licking at some point. It would be nice to see Kaley filming Jennifer licking her aunt feet and the forcing her to lick her ass at the very begginig of the slavery. Is this scenario possible?
If I have to answer right now , the answer is No. But I have not all the story well defined in my mind yet , so we'll see. 

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good start, looking forward to reading more. ^and i agree with Achilleas^

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Fantastic beginning! I agree with the other posters. When the story is less exaggerated scenes and more scenes that could possibly happen, that adds to the story. That's one of the things I appreciate about your writing. Good to see more of your work. Thanks.

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Very nice and promising start, I too add my vote to my fellow readers ..... Let the story flow at a realistic pace.

And you have done a great job with "Losing Everything", so let this be another great story.

Thank you for your time and effort.

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It's wonderful to see you writing another story. I very much enjoyed the last one, and this one is starting off great.

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New chapter 


Part 2 : Curiosity 

Three days had passed since that unusual dinner with my aunt and I still could not understand the strange emotions I had felt that night. I knew that I had always had a strong passion for shoes and in fact I could not help but buy at least one new pair every week, thanks to considerable bank account of my mother , of course.
Wherever I went I could not help but cast a glance at the shoes that people wore around me, but I always thought it was quite normal, as is normal for a girl to observe in minute detail the clothes of an other girl .

Dinner with my aunt has been something different, I was sure of that. In fact, it could not be considered "normal" that incredible craving for smelling her feet and certainly was not normal that I liked so much her foot scent . Feet should be something "dirty" and if you think about the word "stink", it should be natural to think almost immediately at feet, as if they were an inseparable pair.

No, there was definitely something wrong in me. I had even risked to be discovered by Aunt Emma and then how I could explain what I was doing ? What would she think of me, a being who seemed to take pleasure smelling her aunt's feet ? And if she had said it to my mother ? I probably would have lost even more her respect. With mom in fact it seemed that was not enough to be captain of the soccer team and the star in the theatrical performances at school, even my first part in a real movie seemed not to have made an a great impression on her, as if to get a part in a movie was something simple and almost "due" for her. In the three days following that dinner from which she had run away to go out with her agent, Mom had been little at home and in the rare times when we were in the same room , she barely spoke to me.

While I was brushing my teeth, I went back to thinking about my aunt and to what could have happened if she would have found me smelling her feet, then with horror I thought :

"And if she told it to Kaley ? "

I could not even imagine how my cousin would react to that news, for me probably would be the end and the witch would have finally found a way to ruin me. For a long time she had been trying to steal my captaincy but fortunately the other girls have always preferred me to her and I was especially lucky that our coach has a great passion for goalkeepers because it is not uncommon for some coaches give the captain armband to the top scorer of the team.

Even in theatrical performances Kaley was always the eternal second and she had to settle for minor parts while I took applause from the audience. I must confess I was afraid when I heard that also Kaley would have auditioned for the film because although I had defeated her many times, my cousin was really good at acting. I did not think that Kaley would have participated in the audition but ultimately it was no wonder of it, both of our mothers were important models in the past and they had many contacts in the entertainment business, sure my mother had more contacts than her sister thanks to my father who had been an important director and for a second I could not help but think that maybe I had got the part just for my name and my mother's influence. I tried to immediately remove from my mind that unpleasant thought.

"No, they have taken me because I'm good, because I'm the best," I thought as I walked up and down my room still wearing only a bra and panties.

When I was about to put on my socks, I stopped to look at my feet. I must confess not to have nice feet, in my opinion they are too large (almost 10), I have too long toes, with tiny little fingers. I did not use paint my toenails, a habit that I had taken because of the sport that I practiced and even in summer I rarely took care of my feet and I wore almost always closed shoes. I began to massage my right foot trying to repeat what I had done with my Aunt Emma's feet but I did not know why, but it was a very different feeling and I was disappointed. Also I could not help but notice how my soles and especially my heel were rough, a big difference compared to the feet of my aunt who were much softer. I wondered for a moment how it would be touch her bare feet, how would have been nice to slide my fingers along her soft soles, between her elegant toes .

While those strange thoughts crowded my mind, I began to play with my toes, and out of curiosity I approached a finger to my nose, and later, more and more excited, I put my own foot directly in my face, thanking God to be elastic enough to do that twist without difficulty. I sniffed my own foot as a hunting dog and I could feel the faint smell of soap and at that moment I regretted I had just showered. I continued to breathe deeply with my nose between my toes but the smell was not even remotely comparable to that of my aunt, so I decided to try something different. Very slowly I sticked out my tongue, and when it touched the sole of my right foot several things happened at the same instant, I felt a slight tickle in the foot, I savored the taste of my own skin and felt a shudder through my belly. Hit by those series of sensations, I increasingly bold feces and I licked eagerly the whole sole which was soon covered by my saliva. Once again I cursed the shower I had just done, because the taste of my foot was barely perceivable. Trying to savor something tastier, I moved my tongue on my toes, and I began to lick between them.

"Bingo," I thought as I finally tasted the true flavor of my foot and I was shocked to realize how much I liked it.

Almost without realizing it, my hand slipped between my legs and my fingers slipped under my panties. I discovered that I was incredibly wet and I wondered how could I have not realize it before. While I sucked my toes as if they were a lollipop, my fingers started playing with my pussy, stimulating my clit and soon I was overwhelmed by the pleasure. I was not used to touch myself, not because I was raised by a strict Catholic family (on the contrary), but because it seemed somehow strange feel pleasure alone, in fact, I have always been of the opinion that pleasure is to be achieved together with someone . While the wave of pleasure was ending I thought that from that moment on, I would put aside my strange convictions on masturbation and on sex , which probably had hampered my ability to relate to the boys, ending to be still a virgin at the age 18 years, probably the only one in the whole school.

The door to my room opened suddenly and mentally I found myself cursing my mother who had not a habit of knocking. I was a real mess, I still had my big toe in my mouth and what I had just done would have been obvious at first glance. So as the door opened I threw myself to the ground on the opposite side of the bed.

- Jennifer, what was that noise ? - My mother asked as she entered

- I fell to the ground - I said, raising my head and looking at my mother who was dressed elegantly and likely was going out - You should knock, you made me take a shot - I said staying on the ground so that my mother could only see the top of my body while the rest was covered by the bed.

- Exaggerated - she said putting on her expensive pearl earrings - anyway I wanted to tell you that I'm going out and I'll be out of town for a week -

- A week ? - I shouted - and why didn't you tell me before  ? -

- Mark has just informed me that the filming of that advertising ,which I mentioned before , have been anticipated , so I'm going in Colorado - said my mother, looking in the mirror and adjusting her hair, not even looking at me in the face. Then before I could say anything else, she added - Mary will be back in three days, so you will have to make do for a while with food. Sort something out, but do not overdo with pizza, I think you've put on some weight and you risk that they take away the part if you keep to stuff your face -
I could not believe what she was saying, I swear that if I had something heavy beside me I would have thrown it towards her.

- Your Aunt called two hours ago, she told me to tell you that she's alone because her daughter went to a friend's house for about ten days and if you want you can stay with her these days. Of course, I suppose you do not want to go,  then try not to do too much chaos at home, I do not want to go back and find that you have organized a party in secret. Not that there's this problem since you do not have hardly any friend - my mother said coldly and I labored to hold back my tears, increasingly hurt by her words. Then taking courage I almost screamed :

- I will go to my aunt -

- What ? - My mother asked surprised , she did not expect that answer

- I will go to my aunt - I repeated, knowing well how my mother could not bear her sister and how she could not bear the idea that her daughter had a close relationship with her.

- Suit yourself. I have to go - my mother said, again with a glacial tone and without looking at me she slammed the door and left. 

Furious I returned to the bathroom to clean me up , still thinking back to the poisonous words of my mother. But what had I done wrong to always be treated that way ? My mother has always been a very busy woman, and this is something that I have always understood, it is not easy to live with a mother so little present, but I never did blame her for that,  I never asked her to be the best mother in the world but I think it's really absurd that a mother say to her daughter that things in that way , so coldly.

Holding me from throwing down the stairs one of her oriental vases of porcelain , I took my phone and looked for the  number of Aunt Emma in the phonebook. She answered after a few rings.

- Aunt Emma, ​​this is Jennifer -

- Oh I'm glad to hear you Jennifer -

- Aunt can I stay with you for a couple of days ? My mother told me that you ... -

- Of course, of course . I'm alone and I always appreciate a little of company -  Aunt Emma interrupted me

- Well .. then I come in the afternoon, it is ok ?. You want me to take something at the supermarket before coming there?

- Oh no , do not worry I do not need anything.  I prepare immediately the guest room for you... - 

The conversation lasted for another minute and when I closed the call I began to prepare my suitcase putting many more clothes than necessary but I did not want go back home to get changed in those days. Indeed at that time I did not want to set foot in my house for a long time. As I laced my shoes I could not help but think that I would be alone with Aunt Emma for a whole week and living under the same roof I would have had many opportunities to be able to see her beautiful feet and who knows maybe to make her another massage. My mouth was already watering while I was on my way out from home with only the feet of my aunt in my mind.

End Part 2 

As you can see there is not plenty of action yet , the story need a little time to develop adequately and realistically .
I also prefer that the stories are as close as possible to reality and that what I'm trying to do now and what I tried to do in my other story.

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I really like the slow build up to this story. I was happy to see another chapter posted while I was still logged on. :-)