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  • Visitors Center
    Visitors Center
    The place where it all began until one day everything went horribly wrong. You may be able to find a vehicle with a little gas in it, if you are lucky. But do not expect the electricity to work or to get out a distress call. All forms of communications were destroyed. A few snack and drink machines can be found in the waiting area and in the cafeteria.

  • Visitors Center Resturant and Kitchen
    Visitors Center Returant & Kitchen
    Some of the food here is still edible. Just make sure you check the experation date before you eat it. About a couple of dozen tables and chairs had been set up in the dinning area for guests who come to visite the center. You may find a good hiding place or two in the kitchens if a creature if stalking you.

  • The Main Lobby
    The Main Lobby
    Beautifully painted pictures of the creatures can be seen on the wall. The phones and the computers sit unused. A few couches and chairs are spread out through the lobby for the guests, while they wait.All the windows are completely shattered from where the creatures have broken through.

  • The Labs
    The Labs
    The place where it all began. You sort of get a feel for what the scientists did in order to creat the animals that are on the Island.

  • Underground Shelter
    Underground Shelter
    A small shelter that is under the Visitors Center. Cots with cotton blankets had been set up in case of an emergency. It will not keep animals out of it for long. The door nearly hangs off the hindges from where creatures have tried to get in.

  • The Four Seasons
    Where some of the local scientists and where the guests were supposed to stay before everything was destroyed.

  • The Cliffs
    The Cliffs
    The cliffs are very dangerous. A trip or a slip and you would fall all the way down.

  • Jungle Fever
    Jungle Fever
    The jungle is green and lush. It is filled with different plant from some that are edible and some that are poisonous. But the jungle is the best place for creatures to hide.
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  • The Lakes
    The Lakes
    There are plenty of fish in the lakes. Feel free to throw in a line or even a net. A lot of creatures go here for a drink. Caution would be wise.
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  • Open Plains
    Open Plains
    Some of the plains have short grass that only go up to your ankles, others have grass up to your chest. A lot of creatures like to graze or hide here. Be careful not to frighten them or there could be serious consequences.
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  • The Trees
    The Trees
    Most of the trees on the island are very old. Those who had tried to survive started to build tree houses, but they were never finished. Be careful that you dont happen to run in to a rather large bird.
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  • Tree Houses
    The tree houses were not even finished being built. Those who tried to survive did try and make a life while they could. But even though they are unfinished they make a great get away from the creaturs....that are on the ground.
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  • Big Ocean
    Big Ocean
    White sandy beaches, and a beautiful view of a never ending ocean. No boat or planes leave with passengers. Somehow they manage to just disappear on their own.
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  • Old Jeep Trail
    Old Jeep Trail
    A metal track that is burried in the ground where jeeps that were run by the engineers on a tour of a park. If you are lucky you may find a jeep that still works.
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  • Perimeter Fences
    Some of the ones that are still up may protect your for only a moment. But dont expect it to stand up against a rather large predator.

  • Compound Shed
    Compound Shed
    Where some of the controls for the fences and the electricity for the Visitors Center are hidden. It is a dark and cold place to be. But dont expect anything to work.

  • The Rivers
    The Rivers
    Cool and clean water would run through the rivers. But at times its almost like the water would turn to blood. There are plenty of fish in the lakes. Feel free to throw in a line or even a net but make sure that you dont get snagged on a rock.

  • The Waterfalls
    The Waterfalls
    Be careful. You never know what could be lurking in the caves behind the waterfall.
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  • The Rope Bridge
    The Rope Bridge
    It is a long bridge that is made from wood and rope. Just don't look down, you never know what could be beneth you.

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