Catacombs of Bleakbight: Chapter 2

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Catacombs of Bleakbight: Chapter 2

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Catacombs of Bleakbight: Chapter 2

Welcome back to The Lost Glade's dungeon crawl game: Catacomb of Bleakbight. I am going to break forum rules a little in the hopes of making things easier- each of the following posts deals with one aspect of the story and/or rules for the game. I suggest everyone refresh themselves on the background and the rules for their own characters at the very least.


The Dwarven Stronghold of BleakBight rests deep inside a series of near impenetrable mountains to the West of the Old World. Famed for its rich veins of iron ore, its strong trade ties to the Empire allowed the stronghold to retain a degree of wealth and vitality uncommon to modern dwarven houses.
During mining a workforce of dwarves broke through into a previously undicovered cavern and, familiar with the tunnels of greenskins and rat men, prepared for battle, only to find none forthcoming.
Rumour reached the Empire trade merchants that the Dwarfs had come across a vast motherload of iron in this cavern, although some whispered of greater metals being discovered too, and even gleaming gems. Before trade deals could be renegotiated, however, harsh winter weather set in and all communications ceased.
Come summer, it didn't take long before wagons of goods were sent to trade with the dwarfs. None have returned. Many months have passed, with scouts reporting strange sights and sounds among the dark crags of BleakBight, and the local count has sent out a call for brave warriors to infiltrate and investigate the fate of the dwarven hold.
Four warriors have stepped forward, an unlikely and motley group, each driven by their own, unknown motives.

Chapter 1-
Entering the hold, Ragnar, Ecthelion, Markus and Konrak discover an infestation of greenskins has taken hold. But is all quite what it seems? The orcs and goblins appear to be exploring their new territory, strangely unfamiliar with ground they have presumably captured many months ago. Additionally, despite the previous prosperity of the hold, dwarf bodies are few and far between- even the bones left from foul greenskin feasts are uncommon.
During their explorations the four are joined by Griz and Belerond, the diverse collection of warriors working their way deep into the dwarf hold. In the deep hold events become stranger still, with a skaven assassin being found in the dwarf forges and a skaven corpse located in the servant quarters of the dwarf King. There is also a relatively fresh cave-in in one of the main hall corridors- an unusual occurrence in even the most neglected of dwarf mines- and orcs were actively clearing the way, although a flurry of weapon blows quickly stopped their work.
After finally establishing contact with the surviving dwarfs of the hold, events begin to become clearer. A terrible plague wracked the dwarfen city, decimating the population, before greenskin attacks and other unstated events caused the dwarfs to seal the pathways to the lower hold- an unusual response, but ordered directly by the previous King. The new King, son of the recently deceased former, and his armour-clad guard now hold up in the Throneroom, unwilling to assist in the adventurer's crusade and hardly communicating, even with his fellow Dwarfs who are confined to holding out in the King's Court.

With the area currently free of opponents many of the Dwarf civilians are split in their desires. Eventually, after much arguing, the vast majority leave for the surface with the intention to recruit assistance. The severely wounded now-ex prisoners are taken along with these travellers. A small but well armed contingent now remains as a guard to the King's throneroom, and they will usher the adventurers through to the Great Theatre- primary lair of the greenskins.

Information you've gathered directly is as follows:

A diary was also found with the following entry:
"Groups have been dispatched to close the lower tunnels. Some of the lads are grumbling that there may still be survivors in the depths, but none will disobey the King. May Grungni watch over any who have survived in that rancid pit."
"Turek has gone missing. Some have rumoured he argued with the King when no counsel was asked, but such a conflict would be well known I'm sure. Although he made it known he disliked closing off the lower levels, he still prepared the devices before his departure."
"Orcs have broken through into the Great Theatre. With all our problems now we also have vile greenskins to deal with. They are a minor pest, but any distraction is unwelcomed."

Dwarf prisoners were freed, providing the following information:
Who is Turek in relation to the clan?
Rutnik answers, "Turek would be Turek Stonehammer. He's the Clan's Master Runesmith, or at least he used to be. Where'd you hear that name? There were rumours he had gone missing, just before I was sent onto guard duty". Grazan tries to nod, but seems surprised to hear that the Runesmith has gone missing.
We've seen 1 skaven already, are there more?
Grazan's eyes widen, "Skaven? Our hold has been free of those filthy ratmen for centuries. Gah... it wouldn't be a surprise for them to attack now... they've always been sneaky gits."
Where is the king?
Rutnik speaks again, "The king is probably still hold up in the audience chamber. It's where he's been ever since that incident with his father. Last time I saw him is when he was there, issuing orders for us to assume some improvised guard stations".
1) What happened to cause the lower tunnels to be sealed?
what happened to the hold in general
Rutnik begins to answer again, "Plague. That Ancestor damned..." He trails off, but Grazan picks up, "Some kind of sickness began sweeping through the hold. It surprised us all- a dwarf doesn't sicken easily, but this... it killed. Tens... Hundreds... daily casualties were unbelievable. The hospital overflowed quickly, not that they were able to do much for the sufferers, so all victims were moved back to their homes in the lower hold."
Rutnik interrupts, "There was no need to worry about infecting more people- the disease had almost every dwarf in the hold in its grip. It was a terrible, wasting illness, and those it couldn't kill were greatly reduced in strength for weeks."
"We thought it had run its course- fewer people were dying again... We were wrong... there was still more to come...", concludes Grazan.
Sad looks pass over both Grazan and Rutniks faces. You can clearly tell they don't want to say much more.

This map and information has also been gathered about the area around the King's throneroom:
Grazan finishes amking a rough map in the dust of the floor:

He explains as he goes-

A) The exit to the surface. This is the way you came down. It's not the only way to the surface, but its the only one not sealed off.

B) To the forges (you've been here)

C) The hospital

D) Previously a store room. Turek took this place as a residence soon after the plague started.

E) The quarters of the servants and bodyguards. It's the only living quarters not sealed at the moment.

F) A store room (you've been here)

G) The King's Chamber

H) The King's Court area

I) To the Great Theatre. This is now the only way down to lower hold areas, although it doesn't reach them all.

J) To one area of common dwarf residence. It has now been sealed.

K) To another area of dwarf residence. It has now been sealed. This is where you are now (roughly at the blue cross).

L) This is the source of the water for this area of the hold. The water is freezing but clean, freshly thawed from the snow of the mountain tops.

M) This is the way to the Ancestors Halls. It leads to burial areas, although libraries and other important rooms branch off this area. A team was sent to seal this area, but it is unknown if they succeeded.

One of the Dwarfs in the King's Court offers the following tale:
One of the Dwarfs introduces himself as Hraal Stonefist- a merchant who used to work in a shop not far from where Grazan and Rutnik were imprisoned, although the area has been closed off by the wall collapse. "Our young King sits in his throneroom, just off this room. Not his proper throne room of course, but we've all got to make do with what we can up here. He's hardly made a noise since the incident with his father at the start of the Orc invasion. The old Runesmith Turek used to try and talk to him, but they never got on well. A while ago the King's guard came out here, took some food and drink and sealed the chamber. He hasn't responded to any of us since. No one's seen Turek for that matter either."

Another dwarf quickly adds. "Kraust was against sealing the other tunnels, but his father and the Runesmith decided it was best. Once Kraust's father died the Runesmith carried on the plan, regardless of the new King's wishes. The Runesmith had seniority- I reckon he made the right choice."

When asked to give a more general answer about what's happening with the general circumstances, Hraal replies, "We've sent guards out to hold some of the key areas of this level- the forge, hospital and so on". Taking a look at Rutnik's unconscious form he adds, "I guess things haven't gone well for all the groups. The rest of us have been holed up here. We have little weapons training, but we've done what we can to keep the orcs from our King. We've been awaiting some reinforcements from the other holds. Our messengers were sent out weeks ago". He pauses and, appraising the party, cocks an eyebrow. "I... was expecting something of a larger force. This is a big hold, and we've lost a lot of ground. It won't be easy to take back."

Finally there was a conversation with the dwarf King himself- a not exactly jubilant character, who doesn't seem to impressed by this rescue. This conversation is a bit too long to copy, but it can be found starting from Page 52 of the original Catacombs of Bleakbight:
The Lost Glade- King's Talk

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Characters (PCs)

Ecthelion Surion, a wood elf unable to return to Athel Loren seeking to prove himself worthy to return home. (SeanyPrawny)
Base profile: M 4 Ws 5 Bs 1 S 4 T 3 W 4 I 5 A 2 Ld 6 Sv -
Ablility: Spear training, Advanced Spear Training, Spear Mastery, Sprint, Powerful Defence
Equipment: Spear, Clothes.
Plot items: Blasting charge
XP: 754

Ragnar Kurgonsson, a young dwarf who recently shaved his beard and dyed his hair. (Zelt Arruin)
Level 6
M 3 Ws 6 Bs 1 S 5 T 5 W 4 I 4 A 2 Ld 7 Sv - (M for WS, BS for S and T)
Abilities: Two weapon combat training, Improved two weapon training, Two weapon mastery
Items: 2 Hand Weapons, healing draught I mean kit, Healing Potion
Magic Items: A one-handed axe that allows a re-roll of one to-hit roll per turn. If using two hand weapons it must be declared before rolling if this is a main or off-hand weapon.
XP: 845

'Griz' Rindholen - "Retired" Dwarfen Miner. Bored with the repetitive lifestyle that most dwarfen miners crave, Griz traded his pick for a big axe and took up the life of a wandering adventurer. (Hillbilly Carl)
Level 6
M4 (3) WS6 (5) BS2 S4 (6) T5 (6) W4 I2 (1) A2 LD7 SV 6+
Abilties: Great Weapon Training. Improved Great Weapon Training, Light armour Training, Heal, Improved Light Armour Training
Items: Great Weapon, Leather Armour, Crossbow, Chainmail
Magic Items: A two-handed great axe that allows one failed to-hit roll to be re-rolled per turn.
XP: 755

Belerond Ivanstone- Kislevite Warrior, travelling the world, hiring his extrodinarliy large sword out to whomever needs it, and generally ready for a stouch at a moment's notice. Possibly hired to help protect the trade caravans... (Balthorn)
M4 (3) Ws7 (5) Bs1 (0) S3 (5) T4 (5) W4 I3 (2) A3 Ld 7 Sv 5+
Items: Heavy armour, Leather armour, Greatsword, Healing kit, Sack
Abilities: Greatweapon training, Improved Great weapon Training, Light armour training, Improved Light Armour Training.
XP: 757

Konrak Cragbrow, dwarven marksman (NPC)
M 3 Ws 3 Bs 6 S 3 T 5 W 3 I 3 A 1 Ld 7
Items: Crossbow, Hand weapon, Healing Potion, Sack, Dwarven Handgun
Abilities: Crossbow training, Sprint, Strong Pull, Disarm
XP: 661

Markus Thanwier, Cleric to the temple of Ulric (NPC)
M 4 Ws 5 Bs 4 S 3 T 3 W 3 I 2 A 1 Ld 9
Items: Great weapon, Bow, Clothes, healing kit, 3 Thunderstones
Abilities: Heal, Renew, Imbue, Phantasmal Bear
XP: 685

The following link gives the map representations for all Characters (as well as player-summoned monsters):
Player Character Map Markers

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Bestiary (Stats of creatures you have encountered so far):


Goblin 1 (G1)- These cowardly greenskins carry weapons, but whether they know how to use them is debatable. They are a minor threat up close and at range.

M 4, Ws 2, Bs 3, S 3, T 3, W 1, I 2, A 1, Ld 6 Sv 6+
Equipment: Hand weapon, Shield, Throwing weapons
Abilties: none

Goblin 2 (G2)- Clad in straps of cured rat pelt and other small animals, these goblins possess significantly more skill at arms than a type 1 goblin, but are still fairly weak.

M 4 WS 3 (2) BS 3 (2) S 3 T 3 (4) W 1 I 2 (1) A 1 Ld 6 Sv 6+
Equipment: Leather Armour, Shield, Hand Weapon
Abilities: Shield Training.

Goblin 3 (G3)- 'Skilled' at ranged combat, goblin type 3 is a mobile, light, ranged unit.

M 4 Ws 2 BS 3 S 3 T 3 W 1 I 2 A 1 Ld 6 Sv -
Equipment: Hand weapon, Bow
Abilities: Sprint

Goblin 4 (G4)- commonly a squig herding goblin, spears give these goblins a useful trick.

M 4 Ws 3 (2) Bs 2 S 3 T 3 W 1 I 2 A 1 Ld 6 Sv -
Equipment: Spear
Abilities: Spear training

Goblin 5 (G5)- These goblins are a 'heavier' scout goblin, often in support of the lighter Goblin 3.

M 4 Ws 2 BS 3 S 3 T 3 W 1 I 2 A 1 Ld 6 Sv -
Equipment: Hand weapon, Crossbow
Abilities: Sprint, Crossbow training

Goblin 6 (G6)- These goblins have survived longer than many other goblins, and have refined their squig catching techniques to use nets.

M 4 Ws 3 Bs 3 S 3 T 3 W 1 I 2 A 1 Ld 6 Sv -
Equipment: Spear, Nets
Abilities: Spear training, Close Defence, Netters

Goblin Shaman (GS 1)
M 4 Ws 2 BS 3 S 3 T 3 W 2 I 3 A 2 Ld 8 Sv - (yes, I gave these a slight Ld boost from the original)
Equipment: Hand weapon
Abilities: Aether Hawk, Summon Spiders, Life is Cheap

Goblin Shaman 2 (GS2)
M 4 Ws 2 BS 3 S 3 T 4 W 3 I 3 A 2 Ld 9 Sv -
Equipment: Hand weapon
Abilities: Aether Hawk, Summon Spiders, Phantasmal Bear, Life is Cheap

Small Squig (Sq1) Part fungus, part animal, but mostly teeth. These small squigs aren't anywhere near as dangerous as a full size squig, but they make up for it with enthusiasm.
M D6 Ws 4 Bs 0 S 4 T 3 W 1 I 4 A 2 Ld 5
Equipment: none
Abilities: Frenzy

Regular Squig (Sq 2)
M D6 Ws 4 Bs 0 S 5 T 3 W 2 I 5 A 3 Ld 5
Equipment: none
Abilities: Frenzy, Greater Frenzy

Great Cave Squig (Sq 3):
M D6 Ws 5 Bs 0 S 7 T 5 W 5 I 4 A 5 Ld 6
Equipment: none
Abilities: Frenzy, Greater Frenzy, Crippling Strike.

Orc Scout (Orc type 1/ O1) Excelling in ambushes and able to rain down a lethal hail of both arrows and choppa blows these orcs are dangerous opponents.
M 4 Ws 3 Bs 3 S 3 T 4 W 1 I 2 A 1 (2) Ld 7
Equipment: Two hand weapons, bow
Abilities: Two weapon training, Powerful Defence

Orc 2 (O2)
Orc Type 2-
M 4 Ws 4 (3) Bs 3 S 3 T 4 W 1 I 2 A 1 (2) Ld 7
Equipment: Two hand weapons
Abilities: Two weapon training, Improved Two Weapon Training

Orc 3 (O3)
Orc Type 3-
M 4 Ws 4 (3) Bs 3 S 3 (5) T 4 (5) W 1 I 2 A 1 Ld 7
Equipment: Great Weapon, Leather Armour
Abilities: Great Weapon Training, Improved Great Weapon Training, Light Armour Training, Improved Light Armour Training

Orc Big Un 1 (BU1)-
M 4 (3) Ws 4 (3) Bs 2 S 4 T 4 W 2 I 3 (2) A 2 Ld 7 Sv 6+
Equipment: Two Hand Weapons, Chainmail
Abilities: Two weapon Training, Improved Two Weapon Training

Orc Big Un 2 (BU2)-
M 4 (3) Ws 4 (3) Bs 2 S 4 T 4 W 2 I 3 (2) A 2 Ld 7 Sv 6+
Equipment: Great Weapon, Chainmail
Abilities: Great Weapon Training, Improved Great Weapon Training

Stone Troll
M 4 Ws 3 Bs 0 S 6 T 5 W 5 I 1 A 3 Ld 4 Sv 5+
Special rules:
Hungry- Trolls attack to eat. The troll will continue to attack downed opponents until they are killed (and eaten), unless otherwise distracted.
Stupid- the stone troll isn't well known for tactics and avoiding danger- it won't usually move in a way that obviously threatens it (eg. walking into a fire), but it can be taunted and easily confused.
Vomit- Trolls can vomit instead of attacking. This nasty attack covers a line of three squares from the troll. Models in these squares take a hit at a strength of 2D6- their initiative.
Troll Regeneration- Troll regeneration is slower, but significantly more powerful than normal regeneration. At the beginning of the Troll's turn, roll a D6 for each wound it has lost (to a maximum of 5D6). For each roll of 5+, the troll regains a wound. This continues even if the troll is reduced to 0 wounds or below. Being reduced to -5 wounds will also not kill a troll, unless it then takes damage from fire while in this state. For each wound from fire the troll can regenerate 1 less wound (eg. 2 flaming wounds mean it can only roll 3D6 to restore wounds, and get to a maximum of 3 wounds).

Skaven Assassin 1
M 7 Ws 7 Bs 7 S 4 T 4 W 4 I 9 A 3 Ld 10 Sv 5+^
Equipment- Two hand weapons, throwing weapons, unknown
Abilities- Sprint, Two Weapon Mastery and all below, Improved Thrown Weapon Training and all below, Greater Brew Poison* and all below, ^Improved Duck!* and below, Stealth* and Shot on the Run*.

Black Orcs (BO1)-
M 4 (3) Ws 6 (5*) Bs 2 S 5 (7*) T 5 (6) W 3 I 2 (1) A 3 (4) Ld 8 Sv 5+ (3+*)
Equipment: Great Weapon, Two hand Weapons, Shield, Plate Armour (Heavy), Leather Armour
Abilities: Combat Weapons Master, Improved Great Weapon Training, Improved Two weapon Training, Improved Shield Training, Light armour Training, Improved Light Armour Training, Heavy Armour Training
Notes- Profile changes with an asterix (*) are deoendent on what the black orc is using at the time.


Orc Boss 1- Zrugsnag
Zrugsnag is an Orc Scout- unusually sneaky for his kind, he's usually finds himself controlling mobs of goblins, using them to set ambushes and other distractions while he gets going with the head smashing.
M 4 (3) Ws 5 Bs 3 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 2 (1) A 2 Ld 7 Sv 6+
Equipment: Crossbow, 2 Hand Weapons, Chainmail, unknown
Abilities: Crossbow Training, Two Weapon Training, Powerful Defence, Life is Cheap

Toofcrack (B2)
A Big 'Un who managed to bully a small goblin force to oppose you, Toofcrack doesn't seem to significant, except that he holds the key to the inner realm...
M 4 (3) Ws 4 (3) Bs 3 S 4 T 4 W 2 I 3 (2) A 2 Ld 7 Sv 6+
Equipment: Dwarven Handgun, Great Weapon, Chainmail, unknown
Abilities: Great Weapon Training, improved Great Weapon Training, Life is Cheap

Snagritt (B3)
M 4 (3) Ws 5 (4) Bs 2 (1) S 5 T 4 (5) W 3 I 4 (2) A 3 Ld 8 Sv 5+ (4+)
Equipment: Hand Weapon, Shield, Chainmail, Leather Armour, unknown
Abilities: Shield Training, Improved Shield Training, Shield Mastery

Grotta- Orc Boss 4 (B4)
M 4 Ws 5 Bs 2 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 4 A 3 Ld 8 Sv -
Equipment: Hand Weapon, Whip
Abilities: Whip Mastery, Slaver (see page 37), Disarm

Morgrut the Mad- Orc Warboss (OB5)-
M 4 Ws 7 Bs 2 S 5 (7) T 5 (6) W 4 I 3 (2) A 4 Ld 9 Sv 5+
Equipment: Great Weapon, Plate Armour, Leather Armour, Unknown
Abilities: Great Weapon Training, Improved great Weapon Traning, Great weapon Mastery, Light Armour Training, Improved Light Armour Training, Heavy Armour Training, Improved Heavy Armour Training, Knock Down

Grimtoof Skullmuncha- Black Orc Warboss (OB 6)-
M 4 (3) Ws 8 (7) Bs 2 S 6 T5 (6) W 5 I 4 (3) A 5 (7) Ld 10 Sv 3+
Equipment: Leather Armour, Chainmail, Heavy Armour, Two Choppas, Crown of Insight
Abilities: Light Armour Training, Improved Light Armour Training, Light Armour Mastery, Heavy Armour Training, Improved Heavy Armour Training, Two weapon Training, Improved Two Weapon Training, Two Weapon Mastery, Wild Slashing, Combat Versatility, Persistance, Mighty Blow

The following link shows the map image of all monsters above:
Monsters Map Image

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Core Rules

Each player takes it in turn to do all of their actions, we then move on to the next player, etc.
Players have two actions per turn- a move action and a combat action. You can do these in either order, but you cannot trade one for another or split the actions (eg. move a bit, attack, move a bit more).
There is no charging action. You can move into an enemy and then attack.
Players take turns based on their Initiative. The higher your Initiative the earlier you act and the more likely it is you get to fight before a monster.
During combat, whoever's turn it is gets to attack and no one else. Initiative plays next to no role in combat itself.
To hit and to wound rolls are as normal for Warhammer.
General abilities are limited (at least to start with). For example, taking two hand weapons does not automatically give +1 A- you will need to spend an ability point to learn how to do this (more on that later).
Range for shooting weapons and spells isn't needed- it's a dungeon- nothing's that far away.
Fear and terror tests work as normal. For the purposes of when the Ld test for charging is needed, if your movement would take you into base contact with the model you take the test. If forced to flee you flee as directly as possible to an area out of line of sight of the terror causing creature, in an already explored area. This action happens during your turn and takes your move action.
You can move while in combat with an enemy, but they may make one automatic attack against you at -1 to hit (assuming they have the range to attack the square you are leaving from). This is done in the moving player's turn. If, after your move, you are still in range of your opponent and want to move again they will get another attack, just as before.
There is no limit to what characters can do what- you can have a barbarian style character who, later in the campaign, learns a spell, a dwarf character that learns a spell, etc- anything can be justified somehow.
Spells require Ld tests to cast- more details later, that's just a 'heads up' for character design.
There is no stand and shoot or flee charge reactions.

Lines- Some things will require you to draw a line- most commonly for spells. Simple lines are either straight up, straight down or diagonal, as shown below:

The dark blue square is where the player is- lines go out from here.
You can also have less simple lines too-you can measure out any number of squares before shifting diagonally to the left or right- count out that same number of squares, then shift in the same diagonal direction again- as long as you keep this consistent it will count as a line.
The following shows 3 lines drawn from 3 models (dark blue), one with 4 squares per shift, one with 3 and another with 2.

This all seems like a lot in writing, but what it boils down to is pretty simple. The first thing you need to do is make your characters-
You begin with the base stats:
M 4 Ws 3 Bs 3 S 3 T 3 W 2 I 4 A 1 Ld 7 Sv -

You can pick any two stats. Add 1 to one stat and subtract 1 from the other. You can do this up to three times, but can never reduce a stat to 0 or make your save worse than '-'. The above stats assume you are human, but the above means you can modify your stats to make yourself an elf, a dwarf, etc.

Movement- This is the number of squares you can move in your move phase. These can be moved diagonally, forward, backward, left, right ... etc. or any combination.

Ws/ Bs/ S/ T/ A/ Sv- used as in normal warhammer.

W- Wounds are used as normal in warhammer. When reduced to 0 wounds you are knocked out. If all of the party is reduced to 0 wounds it's game over. You only die when you are reduced to negative wounds equal to your regular wounds (eg. in the base profile above you are killed when you reach -2 wounds). Most enemies will not hurt you beyond 0 wounds.

I- The player with the highest initiative takes their turn first. When you come across monsters a high I will mean you may be able to attack them before they act. There may also be a few Initiative based tests...

Ld- As normal in warhammer, although you also use Ld for spellcasting. Usually a failed Ld test just means the spell doesn't happen. Usually...


Characters can carry four items and wear one kind of clothing/ armour. If you're at you limit and want to pick up something new you'll have to drop something. For particularly small items I'll waive this rule.

You start with two free items and one free set of clothing/ armour.

Beginning Items:

Hand weapon- An axe, sword, etc.- as in normal warhammer, this is your basic item. Taking two does not give you +1 A unless you have the appropriate ability (abilities to come later).

Great weapon- Two hands. This covers all forms of great weapon. Difficult to use, these weapons give +1 S but -1 To Hit/ +1 to be hit in combat.

Spear- Two hands. These long weapons allow a model to attack up to 2 squares away, and not just in base to base, however the model is at -1 to hit/ + 1 to be hit in combat.

Shield- This item gives +1 to the armour save, but it's weight gives the user -1 Ws in combat. A hand weapon and shield combination does not give an additional +1 Sv.

Bow- Two hands. All bows are covered under this. A model may only shoot once per combat phase and all shots are Str3, or at the user's strength- whichever is lower.

Crossbow- Two hands. Crossbows require a movement phase to load. If a model moves while holding a loaded crossbow there is a 1 in 3 chance that the crossbow will go off- it does not damage anyone, but must be reloaded again before use. Crossbows are Str 4. Crossbows are heavy and give a -1 to hit penalty.

Throwing dagger- This covers all sorts of thrown weapons. A model may throw as many of these in a combat phase as they have attacks on their profile, but for each thrown there is a -1 to hit penalty (to a minimum of -1 to hit). The strength of these attacks is 2, unless the thrower's strength is less.

Healing kit- This item takes an entire turn to apply and affects one model in base contact. They gain +1 W but -1 T (to a minimum of 1) until they recieve some healing (when all effects are lost). 1 use only.

Clothing/ Armour:

Leather armour- Thick leather cushions blows, but also cramps movement. The model has +1 T, but has -1 Ws, Bs and I.

Chainmail- Able to be worn over leather armour or by itself, this armour gives +1 to the save but -1 M and I.

Clothes- no effect, but you're wearing them whether you want to or not.

You'll come across other items throughout the game. I'll let you know what these do when you find them.
All penalties and bonuses from items are cumulative.
Remember you only have two hands- no claiming the bonuses (or penalties) for a great weapon and shield and the same time.
Ammo for ranged weapons is considered limitless- you'll probably be able to pluck ammo out of corpses, etc.

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Additional Items (found in game)

Non magical, but still useful for storage. A sack takes no item slots to carry, but rather gives the bearer an additional two item slots.

Dwarven Handgun
Str 4, requires an entire turn to reload, Armour Piercing. Moving with it loaded causes no problems.

Combat Weapon. Range of 2 squares, -1 Strength Penalty, +1 on Disarm attempts. Cannot be used for attacks of opportunity.

Nets are a ranged weapon that can be thrown up to 2 squares. It takes a full round action to cast a net, although it can be done without Line of Sight. Nets affect an area of 4 squares. An attack roll is made separately for each affected square. If the net has been cast over the top of intervening models then for every 'miss' of the intended target a roll to hit is made for one random model in the intervening squares.
For every net affecting a model it suffers a -1 to hit/ +1 to be hit penalty, and -1 M. These effects are cumulative.
A model can attempt to free itself from a net by making a single attack against it as a full turn's action. 1 attack is made, regardless of anything else, and it must wound a T4 target. Only 1 net can be attacked at a time in this way, and only the model which made the attack is freed.
A model may also try to wriggle free of a net as a full turn's action. This requires a roll of 6 on 1D6, although friends can help. For every friendly model able to help the roll required drops by 1 (5+, 4+, etc.). A friend must be within 1 square to help and this counts as their full turn's action for this turn (or the next, if they've already acted).
Nets are single use items under normal battle conditions, and are completely useless if someone has freed themselves from one using strength.

Thunder Stones-
These shiny rocks can be thrown against any hard surface and will explode in a blast of light and sound strong enough to disorientate anyone nearby. The throw must be targeted at a floor or wall (but can be the floor under a model). The range of the throw is equal to the thrower's strength, although you can throw further with a risk that the stone won't work. A stone can be thrown up to twice as far as a character's strength but will only work on a 2+, it can be thrown up to three times as far as Strength but only works on a 3+, and so on.
Roll to hit as normal. If the stone misses it scatters (using a D8) and has a -1 on its roll to work.
Models in the target square and in every square within a distance of 1 makes a toughness test- if this is failed the model is stunned and it cannot act in its next turn. The model in the centre square has a -2 Toughness penatly. A second toughness test is then made for all of these squares again, this time with everything having a -1 Toughness penalty (-4 for the centre square). If failed the model may only make a single action in its next turn, as it is disorientated. If a model fails both tests the penalties are cumulative- it misses its next turn and can only take a single action the turn after that.
Stones that fail to go off when thrown can be recovered after the battle on a 4+.

Heavy Armour
Heavy Armour gives a 5+ Armour Save, but the weight gives -1 M, Ws, Bs and I.

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20 Jan 2012, 11:22 #6

As first level characters, you all get to choose one Lvl 1 ability. As the game goes on you can get access to better abilites or pick abilities from lower levels.

Lvl 1 Abilities:

Sprint- You may give up your combat phase to have an extra move phase. You're at +1 to be hit in combat until the start of your next turn.

Powerful defence- You may give up your movement phase for an extra combat phase. All attacks by you in this turn, in either combat phase, close combat or shooting, are at -1 to hit and you are at +1 to be hit until the start of your next turn.

Great weapon training- Able to use these items better than most, you gain an additional +1 S when using them.

Two weapon combat training- You're able to use two hand weapons. You gain +1 Attack, but are at -1 to hit with all attacks. You are not at +1 to be hit.

Rapid reload- You may fire a bow twice, as long as you have at least two attacks. Both shots are at -1 to hit.

Crossbow training- You do not suffer the -1 to hit penalty with a crossbow.

Spear training- Instead of +1 to hit/ + 1 to be hit, when armed with a spear you have -1 Ws in combat.

Throwing weapon training- Your thrown weapons have a strength of 3.

Shield training- You do not suffer -1 Ws in combat from a shield.

Light armour training- Leather armour does not give you -1 I.

Whip Training- You gain a range of 3 squares with a whip, instead of 2. Attacks made at opponents 3 squares away have a -1 To Hit penalty.

Posion use- All of your combat attacks count as poisoned attacks. 6's to hit wound the enmy automatically, but if you roll a 1 to hit you wound yourself. Armour saves are based on your strength, with weapon modifiers.

Frenzy- You are at +1 to hit in combat, but enemies have a +2 to hit you in combat and + 1 to hit when shooting at you.


Heal- Spell. Pass a Ld test to cast. Takes an entire turn to cast. 1 model in base contact (or the caster) gains 1 wound, up to their base wounds value.

Magic Flare- Spell. Pass a Ld test to cast. Roll to hit 1 enemy in line of sight- they take a strength 2 hit with no saves allowed. May not be cast at models engaged in close combat.

Aether hawk- Spell. Pass a Ld test to cast. 1 enemy in line of sight takes a strength 3 hit. May not be cast at models engaged in close combat.

Light- Spell. Pass a Ld test to cast. All enemies in line of sight are at -1 Ws until the start of the caster's next turn. Failure to cast gives the caster -1 Ws until the start of their next turn.

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Level 2 abilities:

Charge!- You may move twice in a straight line so long as you end in combat with an opponent. You may also make a single attack this turn (regardless of how you are armed or how many attacks you have, you may only make one attack). This attack is at -1 to hit and you are at +1 to be hit in combat until your next turn. If you have the 'Sprint' ability the charge does not have to be in a straight line.

Close defence- When armed with a spear you do not suffer any penalties when attacking enemies in base contact with you. Enemies you attack with the weapon's reach ability are still made at -1 Ws. You must have 'Spear training' to use this ability.

Improved spear training- Requires 'spear training' to use. When an opponent moves through the area you threaten to end in base contact with you, make your free attack as normal but without the usual -1Ws penalty.

Improved great weapon training- you must have the 'Great weapon training' ability to use this ability. You are no longer at -1 to hit/ +1 to be hit with a great weapon, but do have -1Ws.

Improved two weapon training- You need 'Two weapon combat training' to use this ability. You are no longer at -1 to hit, but do have -1 Ws when using two hand weapons.

Improved Whip Training- You do not suffer the -1 Strength penalty from using a whip.

Wild slashing- You need 'Two weapon combat training' to use this ability. You may make an extra attack with your second hand weapon (for a total of +2 attacks) but all attacks are at -2 to hit.

Greater Frenzy- You must have the 'Frenzy' ability to use this. The usual '+2 to be hit in combat' is reduced to a +1 to be hit in combat, and there is no bonus in using ranged weapons against you (as opposed to the usual '+1 to hit'.

Accurate- You must have either the 'Rapid reload' or 'Crossbow training' abilities to use this. If you spend your entire turn to fire a single shot you will be at +1 to hit. You can not load a crossbow in the same turn.

Steady hands- If you move with a loaded crossbow your chance of it misfiring is reduced to 1 in 6. Requires 'Crossbow training' to use.

Duck!- Requires Initiative of 5 or greater. You gain a 6+ ward save as you can dodge enemy attacks.

Improved thrown weapon training- you usual to hit penalty for using a thrown weapon is reduced by 1 (so a single thrown weapon uses normal BS, throwing two gives a -1 to hit penalty, etc.). Requires 'Thrown Weapon training' to use.

Improved shield training- When armed with a hand weapon and shield you gain +1 armour save in close combat, so long as no opponents are on directly opposite sides of you. Requires 'Shield training' to use.

Improved light armour training- Requires 'light armour training'. You do not suffer the -1Ws and Bs penalties of leather armour.

Improved Poison use- Requires 'Poison use'. You gain a 3+ ward save against poisoning yourself on a 1 to hit.

Hatred- Character must have been taken to 0 wounds or less by the opponent type he wishes to hate. Opponent type is usually indicated by the letter in the map- eg. 'G' for goblin. Against hated opponents the character may re-roll 1 missed attack per turn.

Heavy Armour Training- Heavy armour training removes the -1 Ws and Bs penalties from Heavy Armour


Renew- Spell. Takes an entire turn to cast and heals D3 wounds on any model in base contact (or the caster). If the caster also has 'Heal' they may attempt to cast Heal as a combat action (instead of a full round one) with a -2 Ld penalty.

Scorching Earth- Spell. -1 Ld to cast. Takes an entire turn to cast. Choose one square. Any model moving through or stopping on this square takes a strength 4 hit. If a model is on the square when it is cast, it must pass an Initiative test or take the hit at the start of it's own turn. If the caster also has 'Magic flare' they can cast 'Magic flare' at -3 Ld, but with strength 5. Failure to cast either of these causes a Strength 4 hit on the caster.

Summon spiders- Spell. -2 Ld to cast. Choose one enemy in line of sight- they suffer D3 Str 2 poisoned attacks. If casting is failed the caster suffers 1 str 2 poisoned attack. If the caster also has the 'Aether Hawk' spell they gain the ability to cast this spell to affect anyone in a line. All targets in the line- friend or foe- are hit. This modified spell is cast at a -2 Ld penalty, and failure to cast causes a Str 3 hit on the caster.

Buffetting wind- Spell. Choose one enemy model in line of sight. It must pass a strength test or be shifted D3 squares in a direction chosen by the caster. If this causes it to move through threatened squares it may be attacked. If the caster also has the 'Light' spell they may cast it at a -2 Ld penalty, causing -2 to the opponents Ws and -1 to opponents Bs.

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Level 4 Abilities:

Back to Basics- You may gain any two abilities from the Level 1 ability choices.

Combat versatility- Requires Weapon specialisation in the weapon being weilded. A Spear or Great weapon may follow the rules for Two Hand Weapons for the duration of a turn. Two Hand Weapons may be used as Hand Weapon and Shield, and Hand Weapon and Shield can follow the rules for a Great Weapon. All usual bonuses and penalties apply as if the character actually had the different weapon type, including abilities related the 'new' weapon.

Prepared strike- Requires Initiative 3 or greater. When an opponent stops moving and is in base contact with this character they take 1 automatic attack. This is only ever 1 attack, with -1 to hit and made at the character's base strength. This is in addition to any attacks normally provoked.

Maddened charge- Requires the Charge! ability. If armed with a Great Weapon or Spear the character may strike at +1 S until their next turn.

Great Weapon Mastery- Requires Improved Great Weapon Training. You no longer suffer -1 WS when using a Great Weapon.

Sundering Blow- Requires Improved Great Weapon Training. When you score the killing blow on an opponent you may make an additional attack at one other enemy in base contact, although this second attack has an additional -1 to Hit and -1 S. If this attack also kills the target another attack may be made with -2 penalties, and so on. A hit or wound cannot be scored when a 7 or more is required.

Two Weapon Mastery- Requires Improved Two Weapon Training. You no longer suffer -1 WS when using Two Hand Weapons. If you use the 'Wild Slashing' ability, you only suffer -1 WS. This ability can be taken twice, reducing the 'Wild Slashing' penalty to nothing.

Greater Wild Slashing
Requires Wild Slashing (a two hand wepon ability). The -2 to hit penalty only applies to the two off-hand attacks when used.

Spear Mastery- Requires Improved Spear Training. You never suffer the -1WS penalty for using a spear, either in base contact or at range.

Greater Reach- Requires Improved Spear Training. You may attack enemies up to 3 squares away, although you suffer an additional -2 to hit and opponents will be at +1 to hit you. If the character has the 'Close Defence' ability then they do not suffer the +1 to be hit penalty.

Shield Mastery- Requires Improved Shield Training. When an opponent rolls a 1 to hit against you, you make an immediate attack back at -1 to hit and -1 S.

Thrown Weapon Mastery- Requires Improved Thrown Weapon Training. The to hit penalty for using thrown weapons is further reduced by 1, so you may throw 2 with no loss to BS, 3 with a loss of 1 BS, etc.

Poison Mastery- Requires Improved Poison Training. You no longer have any chance of poisoning yourself.

Light Armour Mastery- Requires Improved Light Armour Training. You no longer suffer -1 I from Chainmail and gain an additional +1 to your save.

Improved Heavy Armour Training- This removes the -1 Movement penalty from Heavy Armour.

Bow Mastery- Requires Rapid Reload and Accuracy. You may fire as many times as you have attacks with no penalty to hit.

Crossbow Mastery- Requires Crossbow Training and Steady Hands. You may load and fire as a single combat action. Normally loading is a separate move action.

Strong Pull- Requires Rapid Reload or Crossbow Training. You may fire 1 shot as a combat action at +1 Strength but -1 to hit. May be combined with the Accuracy ability.

Whip Mastery- You do not suffer the -1 To Hit penalty at opponents 3 squares away.

Tough- Allows the character to gain a base toughness of 6. This does not give the character toughness 6, but will allow them to gain it at later levels. Normally toughness is limited to 5 and only items can take toughness above this.

Strong- Allows the character to gain a base Strength of 6. This does not give the character Strength 6, but will allow them to gain it at later levels. Normally Strength is limited to 5 and only items can take Strength above this.

Persistance- The character does not fall down when reduced to zero or fewer wounds. Instead they gain the Ability 'Frenzy' for one turn and remain standing and able to act until the end of their next turn. During this time they will remain a target for enemy attacks.

Mighty Blow- The character can sacrifice one or more attacks from their base profile and add that number as a Strength bonus to their remaining attacks for that turn.

Crippling Strike- When causing a wound on an opponent you may also force the opponent to lose either 1 Strength or 1 Move. This penalty lasts until the target recieves healing from some source.

Knock Back- Requires Strength 4 or more (unmodified profile strength). Choose any number of attacks in a round to be knockback attacks. For purposes of the wound roll these attacks will count as having -1 Strength. If you hit your opponent with a knock back attack both sides roll a D6 and add their strength. If you score higher (not equal) you can choose one of the three squares behind the model to push him into. This movement does not provoke any attacks for moving. If the model cannot move into the chosen square (due to a wall or other model) it takes a strength 2 hit instead. The attacker cannot 'follow up', but multiple successful Knock Backs will move the target multiple squares, or may cause it to be moved before suffering strength 2 hits due to the inability to move.


Master of Sorcery- The caster may cast any Ability lvl 1 spell at -3 Ld. If they already know the spell they are trying to cast they suffer no penalty for trying to use the Level 2 improvement to the spell.

Healing Burst- Takes one combat phase to cast. Casting is done at -2 Ld. When cast successfully a number of wounds are restored to all allies in touching squares. The number of wounds is equal to 1+ the number the test was passed by. No target can recieve more than 1 wound until all valid injured allies have also been healed 1 wound, and so on for healing 2 wounds. If the caster also has the 'Heal' and 'Renew' ability they no longer suffer the Ld penalty if using the improved 'Heal' version.

Incandescence- Takes one combat phase to cast. Choose one target model anywhere in line of sight. They catch on fire and take a Strength 3 hit, with no armour save. At the beginning of the caster's next turn they may choose to continue the spell. This takes 1 combat action, and requires a successful leadership test. For every turn the spell is successfully continued on one target model the Strength of the hit increases by 1, to a maximum of 10. If the caster is not on full wounds while trying to continue the spell they take the number of wounds they have suffered as an additional Ld penalty. If the test is failed the spell stops. If the caster also has the 'Scorching Earth' spell they no longer suffer -1 Ld to cast, but may choose to cast it with a -1 Ld penalty. In this case all squares touching the target square deal a Strength 2 hit in the same manner as the hit delivered to the target square. This means the model in the target square will suffer a minimum Strength 2 hit. If the caster also has 'Flare' they may cast the higher strength version at only a -1 Ld penalty. While this spell is active the caster cannot cast any other spells.

Phantasmal Bear- Takes an entire turn to cast. All Ld based tests involved in this spell have a -1 penalty. Place a bear anywhere in line of sight of the caster. The bear takes up a space of 2 squares x 2 squares, and has the following statistics-
M 6, WS 6, Bs 0, S 6, T 5, W 3, I - (3), A 3, Ld -
The bear has no special abilities and can NOT act in the turn it appears, other than to take any free attacks which are provoked (it acts at the same time as the caster, with I 3 in case it needs to test. It also has the caster's Ld). At the beginning of the caster's next turn they may attempt to keep the bear in play (so long as it hasn't been killed). This takes a successful Leadership Test, and if passed it takes the caster's entire turn. If failed the bear disappears, but the caster gets a move action. If the caster or bear are not on full wounds while trying to continue the spell, the caster takes the number of wounds they (bear and caster)have suffered as an additional Ld penalty. If the bear is killed the caster suffers a Strength 4 hit. Any kills by the bear count as being done by the caster for purposes of XP accumulation. If the caster also has 'Summon Spiders' they now no longer have the -2 Ld to cast and they also summon D3 +2 spiders, rather than just D3. If they also have the 'Aether Hawk' ability they may cast the version in a line at only -1 Ld, and both versions (original and in a line) deliver Strength 4 hits. While this spell is active the caster cannot cast any other spells.

Imbue- Takes an entire turn to cast. Choose an ally in base contact and roll a D6. Choose a number of statistics equal to your roll. You may choose the same stat twice (for example, if you roll a 4 you may choose Strength, Strength, Toughness and Wounds). For every time you have chosen a stat your character loses 1 point from that ability, and the target ally gains 1 point (in the above example -/+ 2 S, 1 T, 1 W). If this reduces any of the caster's stats to 0 or less (on casting, not from later damage) the spell automatically fails and the caster suffers a wound with no save. The spell lasts until the start of the caster's next turn. At this point the caster may choose to continue the spell, so long as neither they are the target ally are reduced to 0 or less wounds. If the caster is not on full wounds while trying to continue the spell they take the number of wounds they have suffered as an additional Ld penalty (wounds donated during the spell are not wounds suffered). This is a completely free action, and requires a successful leadership test. While this spell is active the caster cannot cast any other spells. When the spell ends all statistics for caster and target are returned to normal, except that any wounds suffered by the target ally during the duration of the spell are randomly distributed between the ally and the caster (even if wounds were not a shared stat). Note that, if very unlucky, this may kill a character, although it also may bring a character back to consciousness (either when cast or when the spell ends). For the duration of the spell the caster gains 3/4 of the experience earned by the target ally, rather than the usual 1/2. If the caster also has the 'Buffeting Wind' spell they may choose to cast it at -2 Ld, in which case it deals a 'Knockdown' attack at Strength 3 for wounding purposes, but always causing the target to test to fall prone (See Knock Down in the Level 5 abilities section for details).

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Level 5 abilities:

Awesome Blow- Requires Mighty Blow. When using Mighty Blow the number of Attacks sacrificed is also added to the number of wounds each unsaved wound causes.

Combat Weapons Master- Requires Weapon Versatility. The character gains all 1st level Weapon Training abilities related to close combat, including shields (Spear, Two Weapon, Great weapon and Shield Training).

Knock Down- Requires Strength 5 or more (unmodified profile strength). Choose any number of attacks in a round to be knockdown attacks. For purposes of the wound roll these attacks will count as having -1 Strength. If you hit and wound your opponent (regardless of saves) with a knock down attack they must roll under their movement on a D6 roll or fall prone. Prone models suffer penalties in combat. If you also have the Knock Back ability you now win the Strength roll off if you equal your opponent's roll.

Bladesman- Requires Weapon Mastery in any close combat weapon (this includes spears and other close combat weapons with reach). If your weapon skill is triple that of your opponent (or more) they require 6's to hit you. If your weapon skill is over twice that of your opponent you hit them on a 2+. In addition, if you would normally hit your opponent on a 1+ or better, but fail the roll, you may re-roll the attack, although the new number you need to score is 5 plus what you needed to hit. For example, if you would normally hit on 1+, but roll a 1 and miss you can re-roll and will hit on a (5+ '1+') = 6. If you would hit on a 0+ the number would be (5+ '0+')= 5, or even if you should hit on a -1+ you will now hit on (5+ '-1+')= 4. If you need help understanding this feel free to ask.

Choose one specific opponent. All melee rolls against them (rolls to hit and rolls vs being hit) have a +1WS bonus. All other opponents have a +1WS bonus when attacking you.

Defensive Fighting
The character may take a -2 to-hit penalty to all combat attacks, enemies recieve a -1 to-hit penalty when attacking this character while the ability is active.

Mastered Wild Slashing
Requires Greater Wild Slashing. The -2 to hit penalty becomes a -1 to hit penalty for off hand attacks.

Favoured Weapon
The character must choose 1 specific weapon type. When using that weapon type, the character may re-roll one failed to-hit roll per turn, although this re-roll is made as if the character had half of their usual WS (rounding down). Attacks by this character with weapons other than the favoured weapon type suffer a -1 WS penalty (If a ranged weapon is chosen, replace all WS references to BS).

Sniper- Requires Weapon Mastery in any ranged weapon. If you would normally hit your opponent on a 1+ or better, but still miss, you may re-roll the attack. Your new to-hit number for this attack will be as if you had a Ballistic Skill 5 less than you actually do. For example, A BS 6 model (normally hits on 1+) rolls a 1, and misses. You can re-roll and count as BS 1 (hits on 6+). A BS 7 model would hit on a 5+ on the re-roll, and so on.

Eagle Eye
Any ballistic weapon can be thrown or fired through an occupied square (friend or foe). For each occupied square passed through, the shot(s) suffer a -1 to-hit penalty. A shot cannot be fired through a combat or at a combatant.

Disarm- Choose any number of attacks in a round to be disarm attacks. These attacks suffer a -1 to hit penalty, and do not roll to wound. Instead, for every hit you may attempt to remove one combat weapon your opponent is holding. Roll a D6 for both models and add their strength, including any weapon bonuses (even for the defender- they have a better grip on a two handed weapon). If you beat your opponent's total then their weapon falls to the ground in their square, and they lose any bonuses from it. They may attempt to retrieve it in their own turn, although this takes the entire turn and will draw free attacks (they may retrieve 2 weapons per turn when doing this). If the opponent has no stated combat weapon then they only have a basic hand weapon- disarming this forces them to fight with fists, giving -1 Ws, S and preventing them from taking any free attacks. If you fail to beat your opponent's total in the strength roll there is no effect.

Stun- This ability is always active. When you roll a 6 to hit your opponent, you force them to make a toughness test. If failed they lose one action in their next turn (combat or movement). This stacks, so if you successfully stun an enemy twice they will usually miss all of their next turn. If you stun them more times than they actions there is no additional benefit.

Parry- Parry is activated in your turn, but takes place in your opponent's turn. In your turn declare which model you will attempt to parry the attacks of and how many attacks you will parry. You lose a number of attacks this round equal to the amount you try and parry (you cannot go below 0 attacks). If the model you chose successfully hits you in combat you may choose to use any number of your parry attacks to prevent it- you must declare the number before rolling. Roll these parry attacks as if trying to hit your opponent as usual- if you score a successful hit, you stop that attack. If, against 1 enemy hit, you successfully parry twice, the extra parry is wasted. If the model you chose to parry does not attack you, your parry attacks are wasted. Rolling to wound comes after parrying. For example, you choose to take 2 parry attacks, and are hit twice by your chosen opponent. You can assign 1 parry attack to each of your opponents attacks, or use two of these to try and stop 1 of his attacks (to prevent a poisoned hit, etc.) and letting his other attack go through..

Ability Boost- Choose one statistic for your character, and place this, as well as the number of times you have taken this ability for that stat, in brackets at the end of the ability name on your character sheet. You may take this ability unlimited times. When the number in the brackets is equal to your score for that stat (not modified positively or negatively by equipment) you add one to that stat, and then lose this ability for that stat (though you may take it again later). For example, An I3 character may take this ability 3 times- Ability boost (I 3)- and go to Initiative 4, dropping back to effectively have- Ability Boost (I 0). If you increase the stat you are trying to improve through normal levelling methods as well you will have to take this ability extra times to catch up.

Brew Poison- Requires Poison Use. You can attempt to mix an especially nasty for of poison. This takes 1 movment and combat action, and requires a successful Ld test (based on the posion type). This poison is automatically applied to a weapon of your choosing, and remains potent until the weapon leaves your hand by any means. Weapons with special poisons still follow the usual 'Poison' rule. The following is a list of simple poisons- may ay become known throughout the campaign:
Black Lotus Oil- Ld test 8- wounds caused by your weapon cause D2 wounds, after saves.
Troll Bile- Ld test 7- Attacks from your chosen weapon have +1S, although this does not modify armour saves.
Yellow Root Salve- Ld test 7- For every successful wound against an opponent that opponent loses D3 Ws and Bs, to a minimum of 1. At the end of each of their turns they must make a toughness test. If successful they regain 1 Ws and Bs, until back up to their normal profile.


Quicken- Spell. Takes 1 action to cast (movement or combat). 1 ally in an adjacent square gains an additional action in their turn (they may choose whether this is movement or combat, but must choose at the start of their turn.

Greater Imbue- Spell. Requires Imbue. Takes a movement and combat action. This spell works like Imbue, but will affect up to 3 models in base contact. For each model after the first the caster suffers a cumulative -1 Ld penalty to cast and maintain the spell.

Greater Phantasmal Bear- Spell. Requires Phantasmal Bear. This spell works just as Phantasmal Bear, except that the bear may act on the turn it appears and has -1T (Toughness of 4).

Teleport- Spell. Takes the caster's entire tun. The caster may be placed anywhere within line of sight from their previous position. If opponents are in range when the spell is cast they make make a free attack, although no attacks are gained for the squares the caster teleports though or ends in. The caster must take a Ld test at -4. If failed they scatter the amount they failed the test by in a random direction (D8, counting the top of the map as 1, moving in a straight line). If the final position would move them through a wall or other solid , full height object they will stop in the square before this, but will take 1 Str 5 hit per square they should have continued going (eg. Failing the test by 5, the caster scatters and goes 2 squares before contacting a wall, and then takes 3 Str 5 hits for the remaining 3 squares. It is not possible for the caster to pass unexpectedly through walls with this spell.

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Level 7 abilities:

Rune Caster- You are able to magically enchant weapons using your own life energy. Taking this ability by itself does not do anything, but if you improve in a characteristic you may instead choose to craft a Rune on one weapon of your choice. For example, at level 9 a character with this ability may choose not to increase an ability score but to instead carve a Rune of Strength on his usual combat or shooting weapon. Items with Runes count as magical, and the runes glow dully unless discharged. You may choose to discharge any (and all) Runes on your weapon at the beginning of your turn, and their effect lasts until the beginning of your next turn. This does not cost any actions. You gain D3+1 to the characteristic sacrificed to the rune (eg. Strength in the above example), applied only to the weapon with the Rune (this can effect ranged attacks). The glow then fades from the Rune, and it is discharged and unable to be used for the next D6 rounds, after which it can be activated and begins glowing again. If the bonus rolled brings your characteristic above 10 you count as having a 10, but also gain a +1 to hit or wound (for weapon skill or strength) or -1 to be wounded (for toughness).

Blade Whirlwind
Requires Mastered Wild Slashing. The -1 to hit penalty for two off-hand attacks becomes a -2 WS penalty for off-hand attacks.

Inseperable Weapon
Requires Favoured Weapon. The character must choose a specific weapon of their favoured weapon type. The character may re-roll one failed to-hit roll per turn with this weapon. Attacks by this character with weapons outside of their favoured weapon type suffer a -3 WS penalty (If a ranged weapon is chosen, replace all WS references to BS).

Cleaving Blow
Only useable when wielding a Great Weapon. Rolls of 6 to wound cause 2 wounds, if saves are failed.

Improved Awesome Blow
Requires Awesome Blow. The number of sacrificed attacks is added as both a WS and S modifier to the character's remaining attacks, as well as causing multiple wounds.

Improved Defensive Fighting
Requires Defensive Fighting. Opponents suffer a -2 to-hit penalty if attacking this character when the 'Defensive Fighting' ability is active.

Piercing Strike
Requires Spear Mastery and a spear to be used. If the wielder causes a killing blow against an opponent in base contact they may make an immediate attack against an enemy behind the now deceased opponent (this will be one of three possible squares, depending on positioning). This attack will be at -1 to hit and -1S.

Improved Greater Reach
Requires Greater Reach. Attacks at enemies up to three squares away are made at a -1 to-hit penalty rather than -2.

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0-49 XP- Level 1. Base character.
50- 149 XP- Level 2. Gain +1 Ws or Bs. Gain 1 Ability.
150- 299 XP- Level 3. Gain +1 Wound. Gain +1 to any stat other than wounds.
300- 499 XP- Level 4. Gain 1 Ability.
500- 749 XP- Level 5. Gain +1 Ws or Bs. Gain 1 Ability.
750- 1049 XP- Level 6. Gain +1 Wound. Gain +1 to any stat other than wounds.
And so on, with the cut off numbers being:
1400, 1800, 2250, 2750, 3300, 3900, 4550, 5250, 6000


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20 Jan 2012, 12:01 #12

Right- hope that makes that easier (previously all this was one post, and I was always worried it'd somehow all get lost at once).

Some of you may remember talk of 'items of importance' last time you left the King's presence- these items haven't been forgotten, simply moved a bit so that you can get straight into some more direct action. The same is true of all previously unexplored Level 2 areas.

Many dwarfs are heading for the surface, but the few who remain will open the gates to the Great Theatre for you- a large and once grand hall, but which the goblins tunnelled directly into while the dwarfs were at their weakest. Since this time the gate has been sealed, which has reduced- although somehow not entirely stopped- the greenskin incursions. None currently know what to expect from this chamber.

Before heading in it's highly advisable everyone check their stats, abilities and equipment. Let me know if something's not quite right or if you'd like to change something.

Balthorn- you made the statement earlier that you'd like to get some Heavy Armour from the Black Orc corpses- is that still the case and, if so, do you want to keep any of your other armour under it? You can wear leather, chainmail and heavy armour together, but then you'll struggle to carry much more than a basic weapon.

Zelt Arruin- I've changed Ragnar's 'wild slashing' for +1 attack (through Ability Boost).

I'll be adding more abilities soon, and will make a note of them when I add them (so people can retroactively select them).

I suggest that HillBilly Carl's character continue in the game. Between him, Konrak and Markus all 3 of you currently active can have 2 characters. I'll let you all divide them up, but I suggest trying to keep initiative groupings as neat as possible (to reduce delays).

If more players arrive I suggest these secondary characters either get adopted out, or simply get replaced to suit the preference of a new player.

So, to summarise, before we start:
- Refresh on how the game works (I certainly have to)
- Decide if you want any items or abilities changed or clarified
- Decide who your sidekick character will be (Griz the miner, Konrak the sniper or Markus the healer)

Let me know when you're ready!


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Citizen of the Glade
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20 Jan 2012, 14:46 #13

Ooh yay, we're back on track! Nice work Geep. And I don't think you'll be penelised for the multi-posts hehe.

In regards to the heavy armour, I'll take it and drop the chainmail. I would look cooler in chain and plate, but I'll be more effective in leather and plate. My skills and stats all seem fine. I'd like to pick up a sack at some point though, that seems useful.

I'm just wondering, if someone had a couple of level 1 skills, could they later "cash in" the Back to Basics skill and gain an additional higher-level skill? So, for instance, Belerond would use Back to Basics to count for his great weapon and light armour training, thus gaining the chance to learn an extra ability, such as heavy training? I might just be being dodgy there and trying to score a free ability, but the player's job is to keep the DM on his toes isn't it?

Lastly, regarding the partner character. Markus would probably be a good choice, since we're same I, and I'd rather not play Griz since we're both armour-wearing, greatweapon-wielding badasses. But Konrak is also kinda cool with his rangedness. So I just don't know! Suggestions?

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20 Jan 2012, 15:49 #14

I'm happy with Ecthelion as he is. I'm also happy with either of the chars since my initiative is 3-4 above them all lol.


Zelt Arruin
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Zelt Arruin
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20 Jan 2012, 23:57 #15

I'll take Griz, dwarfs and that.

Say, does armor save count as a stat you can increase? For instance, could you have a character that tanks his BS and I, for example and buffs his save to a 4+ with no equipment? This seems a little odd, but by the rules, it might be something you didn't think of/consider, or you did and no one else thought of it.