Twist damp sections, clip, & let them dry for waves r/o

Twist damp sections, clip, & let them dry for waves r/o

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I posted this on the other board a few weeks back when CountryMouse was asking about plopping and I didn't know about it so I suggested this.

"Dampen your hair. Section your hair into 4 or more sections or tails. Twist each tail and then coil it in a little bun or pile. Then clip it or band it or secure it in place. This is the same thing that they do for haircuts if they don't just cut it all at once.

Then leave your hair like that until it dries. Or if you had one you could sit under a hood dryer. Or put a few towels in the clothes dryer and warm them. Take one out and leave the others to keep warming. Put the towel on your head. When it cools, grab another. Do this until the hair is dry. (You can also do deep conditioning treatments this way.)

Then take the sections down and you will have waves. How they look will depend on your sectioning, how thick the tails were, and what direction you twisted them in. Might look better if they all go in the same direction. But that's up to you. Finger comb to style. If its not perfect try different sections next time.

Let me know how that worked. I should do a demo of that."

and then I said this in a reply to CountryMouse

"If you zig zag the parts you might not notice them as much when you are done.

Just another idea. Let me know how you like it. I know how this works because I would have my manikin section like that for something and then we'd start something else the next day and you had to wash those waves out to get them straight.

If you aren't afraid to try products give some setting lotion a try or maybe some sort of mousse, before you make the sections."

and then I said this in a reply to CountryMouse when she said she tried it with 7 sections and liked it.

"I'm really happy that it worked.

I don't think I've ever suggested that for someone with hair as long as yours before. Seven sounds like a good number to use. I think its mostly about having small enough sections that you can keep pinned or clipped up so it that works for you great.

I'm not really sure what I can suggest to help it dry faster.

Was your hair really wet or just damp when you went to bed?

Try giving your hair a bit of a squeeze next time. By that I don't mean wring it like a towel but grab a section of hair that's wet and then with the other hand grab it and without yanking, yet giving a slight squeeze, slowly move your hand down the hair to force the water down. Kinda like a snow plow or would do to snow.

As long as you are careful it will make a difference. If you can hear water dripping when you do it then its working. Just make sure you don't move the one hand too far without adjusting your first hand. In other words don't move your bottom hand too far away from the top hand. That could stretch the hair. We don't that. Instead do like 6 inches then remove your hands and then start again from where you left off."

Here are the two thread links where this was talked about so you can read the other posts and get the whole story. ... 1081300877 ... 1081491328

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