The X-Factor Braided Crown - a half up, half down style with bun and braid variations

The X-Factor Braided Crown - a half up, half down style with bun and braid variations

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Because both of the variations I'll be showing cross the braids over each other creating an X, my sister named this style the X-Factor. I had to add the "Braided Crown", because it is the center of the style!

If you can French Braid, this should be a fairly easy style for you to do. I have not tried doing it with the hair line braid (lace braid- adding in hair only from one side), but that could probably work as well. Forgive my frizzy hair! The humidity was doing it's best to help me with the "Curl Factor"! LOL!

Our directions start with the first picture on the left and we will move right on through until we read the end of the row.

Picture 1- Part your hair down the center vertically about half way back and then horizontally from the center, just behind the back of your ear. Take your remaining hair in the back and put it into a claw or pony tail. You want to keep it out of the way. Next take one of your half sections and twist it, pulling it back behind your ear and clipping in place. Again, this is simply to keep this hair out of your way while you work on a single section.

Picture 2- Pull the hair up and over to the other side. You will be French braiding upwards starting at the base of your ear. Take a small section, divide it into three parts, crossing hairline hair over center, then back hair over center. Add hair to each of the outer parts, then repeat. You will continue this process until you reach the center part line. Continue traditional styled braiding until you reach the end of your hair, or until you've gone down at least three quarters of the length. If your hair will not stay braided, use a small, clear band to secure.

Picture 3- Your hair should now look like this.

Picture 4- Flip your braid in the opposite direction, and release the hair on the other side. Repeat the same directions for braiding once more.

Picture 1- Your hair should now look like this... sort of cat-like! Leave both braids flipped backward in the opposite direction.

Picture 2- You will now take your fingers and bring the two braids together at center by simply pinching the to braids until they touch. Secure by sliding a bobby pin in at the base of both of them. You may need to create an X shape with the bobby pins, but my hair was perfectly secure with one pin. Depending on how you wish to wear your hair, here the options change.

Picture 3- This is a side view of how your hair should look at this point.

Picture 4 - This is a front view of how your hair should look.

Picture 5- This is the half up, half down option. To wear your hair this way, simply use a bobby pin to secure your braid just behind your ear, allowing the rest of the braid to hang loose with your length. By pinning near the ear, you've made sure your braid covers your part, just behind the French braid. My hair is show here with just braid waves in it, but you could really roll your hair for a curlier look, or leave it stick straight! You can also take the hair at this point and put it into a pony tail. The braids make perfect round curves leading into your pony tail. Pinning tip, if you go into the briad in the direction of the braid, you can sort of weave the pin in and hide it well.

This is the Tri-Coil Bun variation.

Place your hair into a Tri-Coil Bun while leaving your braids hanging free. ( For directions go here: <a href=" ... 0566440</a" target=_new> ... 0566440</a>)

Instead of pinning your braid at your ear level, wait to pin until your style is finished.

Picture 1 - (Sorry about the low quality of this pic!) Drape your braid down, and allow it to drape down over the center area of the bun. Place a bobby pin straight through the braid and into the bun.

Picture 2- Take the other braid and do the same thing. You have now created an X.

Picture 3- You can drape the remaining braid through the center of the coils or down below. I did one of each on mine, tucking the ends beneath the bun and pinning in place.

Picture 4- Finished Tri-Coil variation

Dutch Braid Variation-

To do this variation, siimply allow your braids to hang free, then start high at the top center area just behind the braided hairline. With a tiny section of hair begin your Dutch braid. Right strand crossing under center, left strand crossing under center. Adding hair on both sides, repeat until you reach the desired length of braid, then tie it off. Take your two smaller (loose) braids and wrap in an X pattern sliding the very ends through a couple of your braided crossovers to secure. It's important to have a nice V shaped pattern going with your parts. I've tried to highlight the last picture to show you how the parts go. I also used a red highlight to show you how the smaller braids lay and cross over. You may like to pin down the braids to keep them in place (on the scalp area).

Enjoy! There's so many things you can do with this style!

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