Starting Your Own Personal Journal - part 1 in our journal series

Starting Your Own Personal Journal - part 1 in our journal series

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Starting Your Own Personal Journal: by Leia

Leia has been with the Loom for 9 months now. She always puts smile on our faces with her thoughtful posts and encourgement to others. Her beautiful hair is an inspiration to all of us. Leia has a love of long hair, music, and so much more. You will enjoy reading her very own journal, Leia’s Hair Journal and learning more about her. Leia is half of our two member journal team. For more information on how to contact Leia or Betty, please see our journal listings in on our new home page(COMING SOON)! The Long Hair Loom Home

Now... enjoy the article! -Fox

Starting Your Own Personal Journal by Leia

For anyone who is interested in starting their own personal journal using Network54, here are some basic instructions on how to go about doing it.

You will need to have your own Network54 account. You can set one up easily by going to the top of this page and clicking on "Create Account." Once it is done, you will have to go to your own personal page at Network54. You can do this by going to <a href="</a" target=_new></a> or you can delete the "Hide" part of the URL for this page. Either way, once you are on, you will have to click on the third tab at the top of the page, which is titled "My Resources."

Here you will find the information for your account. Now that you have your new account, you may want to use it to host your pictures (unless you have another picture host) so that you can add them to your personal journal. To do this, you will have to start a realm. You can find the information on how to do this at: <a href=" ... 2287129</a" target=_new> ... 2287129</a>

Once you are ready to get started creating your own personal journal, you will have to scroll down underneath "Realms" where it says "Forums." To the right you will see "New." Click on that... Now you are ready to begin making your journal!

On the first page, you will have to fill in basic information for your journal. Remember that you can always come back and edit this information whenever you feel like. Where it says "Forum Description" you can add any information that you would like on the top of your page. For example, on The Long Hair Loom, you can find the Forum Description underneath where it says "The Long Hair Loom ~ Hair Care Board."

You can also add a header, something always posted at the top of your page, or footer, something always posted at the bottom of your page. Below that, click the boxes next to the options you wish to have (clicking on a box that already has a check mark in it will take away the check mark). After you have all the options you want, click "Create."

Next you will go to the "Appearance" page. This page, like all the others, can also be edited later.

Here is a brief description of the color options:

Background Color: This is self-explanatory; whatever color you put here will be the background color of your journal. If you wish to have a design in the background, this option will come later, and whatever color you put in the box will not show on the final page.

Text Color: The color of the text in your messages and next to the message links.

Link Color: The color of the thread links.

Vlink Color: The color the links become once they have been clicked and viewed.

Table Background Color: If you want, you can have a table to have your thread links on, to make it easier to read.

Alt Table Background Color: If you have previously noticed, when you click "View Thread" on the Loom, each message will come in a different color. This is because Fox has chosen an Alternate color for the table. If you choose an alternate color, it will show up when there is more than one message being viewed.

Table Foreground Color: This is the color of the small rectangle above and below the table.

Alt Table Foreground Color: See "Alt Table Background Color" description. This does the same thing except with the rectangular strips that top each table.

Line Color: This is the color of the line around your table.

Remember that you don’t have to fill in all of the options. If you don’t want a table, you can just leave the color space blank, and nothing will show up on your page. Also, the color options that Network54 has are not the only colors you can use. Here are some of my favorite color sites:

<a href="</a" target=_new></a> (Fox gave me this one, it’s really good and easy to use)

<a href="</a" target=_new></a> <-- This is one I love; it has a huge amount of color options and is easy to use, too.

<a href="</a" target=_new></a> <-- This one is just okay... I’d go there if I just can’t find the colors I want and need some more options.

Next you can choose your line thickness (if you want a line) and whether you want your table to be shaded or not.

The Foreground Image will be an image that will appear at the top of your page (on the Loom it is the Fox Four, here in the library, it is the library couch picture) and your Background Image is one that will appear behind your table and will overwrite your Background Color if you chose one (here the purple patterned design).

Here are some good background sites you might find helpful:

<a href="</a" target=_new></a>/

<a href="</a" target=_new></a> (these are animated backgrounds, I don’t know how they will work in your journal, but you can give it a try! Again, thanks to Fox who provided most of these color and background links)

<a href="</a" target=_new></a>

Also at the bottom of this page you will find the link for Pure Elegance, which is where Fox and Balleryna got their backgrounds.

You can then choose your forum style and font that you like. After you click "Continue," your new forum has been made! Here you will find the link for your forum.

When you click "Done", you might come to a blank page. Not to worry though, you can just click on "My Resources," scroll down to where you see your forum name, and click on it. There you see your journal as it appears to others. You can click on "Post Now!" to start creating entries. If you click on "Admin" you can edit the information you have previously put in, and you can also edit other features. You can also delete your journal if you choose to.

Here is some additional information that you might be interested in:

Viewing All Messages

You may want to add a "View All Messages" link in your forum description. To do this, use your forum URL. Notice that all new forums have a 6-digit number at the end of the URL; the one for The Loom is: 235232. You will have to use this number when you create your "View All Messages" link. In order to make it easier to understand, I will put the URL for making this link below, but will put XXXXXX where your forum number should go. Here is the link:

<a href=" ... XX&it=0</a" target=_new> ... XX&it=0</a>

Now, you can leave the link as it is, or make it into a hyperlink. A hyperlink consists of 4 important parts. The hyperlink code, the URL, the name of what you want the link to say, and the closing code. We can't show the code on this format because it automatically turns into a hyperlink. An example of a hyperlink is this: The Long Hair Loom Home If I had not made this into a hyperlink it would look like this <a href="</a" target=_new></a>. The hyperlink names your link, and often can remove a long link address. To see the code for making a hyperlink, visit: The WebMonkey and go to where you see "Links." Under that category you will find the code for hyperlink. Simply copy that and replace URL with the address you are going to use. The first half of your code ends with the quotation mark and the greater/lesser sign. You will then put in the name like, The Long Hair Loom, and follow that with the remainder of the code which is the greater/lesser symbol, forward slash, a, greater lesser symbol. It would be so much easier if I could post it here for you, but I can't. If you need help, just let us know.

Creating a Moderator - Setting Controls

You will have to go to "My Resources" and create a new Group. Once you have done so, you can set up your Access Control to allow certain people to Edit/Delete or do whatever you want them to. You can also make it Read-Only to everyone, so that no one else can post in your hair journal.

Here are some examples of personal journals made on Network54:

Balleryna’s Story

Carrawayseed’s Story

Chamomile Betty’s Garden

Leia’s Hair Journal

I hope this information has been thorough enough! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


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Leia's Hair Journal

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