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Length measurements, routine changes, anything else ... put it all here.

Well, after skipping my last trim I had DH cut off about 3" a fortnight ago. And while I "miss" the length, I couldn't be happier. I now have more of a U hemline rather than the V and the ends feel so much better and look thicker (I think). I also changed the parting for my bangs from a triangle to a curved parting and it looks so much better. I think I might grow some of the bangs longer (not fully out but more face framing) but that's the only upcoming change I'm planning.

So now I'm "lower waist" and tailbone is a way off but I'm okay with that. I may never go longer but at this stage I'm all for health over length (that might change).

Here's a not-so-good updated pic ...20180819_133219.jpg
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New Goal: Healthy hair that I'm happy with! (Preferably tailbone with thick hemline.)

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Your hair looks great Jules! I think sometimes trimming off a bit of the V makes the hemline look thicker. I still need to try and measure, but do t have help, so, we will see how it goes.
Starting my growing journey all over again after health issues took a major toll on my hair.
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Aubrey Organics S&C - my most favorite, but currently using Neways Second Chance Shampoo, SheaMoisture's High Porosity Moisture-Seal Masque,
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I also think your hair looks great, Jules! A trim can do wonders, especially in terms of confidence. I'm glad you feel happy with your hair. I don't think tailbone is so far away from your current length, though. You never know, you may find yourself taking down your hair one evening and finding out that you're close to or at tailbone ;)
Hair type: 2b/M/C/iii
Current length: classic+
Current goal: knee

Current routine:
~ alternating a NW/SO (no water/sebum only) routine with occasional washes. I use the techniques of NW/SO (brushing, scritching and preening) almost daily, but I do a shampoo wash every month or two.

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~ Alverde Birke-Salbei shampoo
~ occasionally oiling the ends with either coconut or almond oil; currently experimenting with argan oil
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~ Tangle Teezer/Tangle Angel & wide-tooth comb
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