Measure in for April?

Measure in for April?

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Does anyone want to do an update/check-in measure/health for April? I'm going to try to have my kids take some pictures of my hair tomorrow (my oldest is 7, so who knows if they will turn out) and I will measure, my longest curls are barely brushing bsl, but just barely. More in my update tomorrow. I might just reply to this, or should we start a new thread for this? Any takers?
Starting length- Pixie
Current length- Mid Back Length
1st Goal- Waist
Long term Goal- Classic

Recently quit the Curly Girl Method, as it helped my curls for a few months before causing major hair loss and my curl pattern dissolved.

I'm trying to wear my hair up 4/7 days, as it's getting to a length where it's starting to get caught in things and I'm worried about breakage.
Deep condition and wash my hair once a week with one scalp wash thrown in depending on the week and my hair's oily-ness.

Recently started eating Paleo to try to help my thyroid and adrenal fatigue issues.

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Morrocco Method Mixed BBB

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We've just started a thread like this and each one has replied to it. So jump in when you have your photos and/or measurements and post.

I no longer measure but go by body markers. Numbers on a tape measure (or set of scales) depress me. Lol.

Besides, I just had several inches cut off my hair yesterday at the salon after thinking about it for ages. I've been waiting for photos before posting but I think my longest strands are at waist. So I didn't go too short but am super happy with the way my hair looks now. That is, except for the fringe which is a lot shorter than I like and all the one length (I like it longer on the sides), but it will grow.

Hair Journey Began in June 2006 ...

Hair Type: 2a/M/ii
Hair Colour: Dark brown with natural red and silver highlights (more silver than red nowadays)
Starting length: 25"/62.5cm (BSL)
Initial Goal length: 36" (Tailbone)
Setback: Major shed in 2010 when at 38"
New Goal: Healthy hair that I'm happy with! (Preferably tailbone with thick hemline.

Current Routine
CWCA: C = condition the length with conditioner or shea butter; W = wash the scalp using diluted organic shampoo; Condition = small amount of conditioner on ends; A = acidic rinse, either ACV or citric acid; Frequency = once a week. In-between times, scalp washes as required.
Tips for super soft hair = Wash with Miracle Water. Finish up with LOC (Liquid = water; Oil = almond/olive/avocado oils; Cream = aloe vera gel)
Other: Regular micro-trims; light oiling on dry hair a few times a week; BBB; wooden comb; Mason Pearson comb; hair sticks, Flexi-8's, Ficcare, and other hair friendly toys.

'Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfailing beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight.' 1 Peter 3:3-4

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