Interview with Don Van, CEO of EQyss Products (Mega-Tek)

Interview with Don Van, CEO of EQyss Products (Mega-Tek)

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Interview with Don Van, CEO of EQyss Products
by D.A. Fox

Mega-Tek Rebuilder is a hair product created by EQyss. It was originally designed for humans as a hair cell regenerator for hair that had been damaged by perm chemicals and heat. The increased hair growth benifits came when they began to increase some of the ingredients to penetrate thick horse hair. Mega-Tek is currently marketed for pets and horses, but the unintended Mega great results for us humans is outstanding! I asked Don Van, CEO if he would be willing to answer some questions for us. He was very gracious, and gave me some very interesting information to share with you! I hope you will find it as interesting as I did.

Q: Don, why was Mega-Tek Cell Rebuilder originally created?

A: It was originally designed to regenerate hair that had been burned by chemicals when women used color treatments or had damage from perms.

Q: What is Mega-Tek Rebuilder, and what makes it so special?

A: Cell Rebuilder and Rebuilder are the same product. It is the only product we know of that makes hair 30% stronger so less breaks off and falls out. It also makes it grow back up to 50% faster. The hair also becomes thicker and fuller.

Q: What is the name or names of this specific product? There has been some confusion over the Cell Rebuilder, the Equine Coat and Hoof Rebuilder, Coat Rebuilder for pets etc.

A: They are all the same product labeled differently for different sales markets.

Q: What is the difference between the USA version and the one in the UK? We have users from both countries using it and they report a slight differing in the ingredients list. If this is correct, why was there a change made?

A:There is no difference between the two products, just label changes due to a printing mistake. All of the labels will be the same once the current labels are used up. It was just a mistake by the printer.

Q: So is dimethicone in Mega-Tek Rebuilder?

A: Yes, it is. It's used as an emollient. It's considered to be a light silicone.

Q: What is the best way to use the Rebuilder? Leave it in, rinse it out, leave it on for how long, then rinse out, etc.? I know that it is currently designed for horses, and not for humans, so the results will be different, but please answer the questions with the knowledge you have and for the source, such as horses.
A:First, start off by washing your hair with our Premier shampoo, because it is the only shampoo that does not coat the hair with wax, silicone or petroleum by products. Other products work, just not as good because they coat the hair. After washing, use Mega-Tek like a conditioner. Leave it on for about 5 minutes and then rinse it out. This is how it should be used for all animals and humans.

Q: Is the Rebuilder a vegan product? Are the ingredients from animal sources or vegan sources?

A: We do not use any animal by products. All EQyss products are manufactured cruelty free and environmentally friendly.

All our products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

(Fox) Don, on behalf of all of us, I want to thank you for your time and kindness in answering these questions.
(Don) Thanks for your interest in our products.

To contact Don or to learn more about the EQyss products line visit them at or you can contact him by phone or mail. The information is below:

Don Van, CEO
EQyss Grooming Products
PO BOX 130-008 • CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA 92013 • 1-800-526-7469
FAX 760-599-0808

As a side note, many current users of Mega-Tek Rebuilder (on the hair boards) use it as a leave-in conditioner while focusing the attention on the scalp. They apply it while massaging the scalp with great results. Mega-Tek has also been used as a deep intensive conditioner, applied on wet or dry hair and used with a heating cap for 30-60 minutes. You will have to find out what works best for your personal needs when you try out this great product!


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