Interview with 16 year old Stephanie- Recreating Star Wars hairstyles

Interview with 16 year old Stephanie- Recreating Star Wars hairstyles

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Interview with 16 year old Stephanie- Recreating Star Wars hairstyles
by D.A. Fox

In the southern state of North Carolina, with her parents and younger brother Ed, lives sixteen year old Stephanie, also known as “Skywalkerette” for her love of SciFi in general, and Star Wars specifically. It was actually her love of Star Wars that brought her to my attention. She recreated many of the Star Wars hair styles on herself and posted pictures on her website. Knowing the difficulty of hair styling in general, I wanted to get to know Stephanie a little better and share it with you.

Stephanie, tell me a little about yourself. What grade are you in school this year?

“I’m in the 10th grade. I’ve been home-schooled for the last 7 years and I love it!”

I noticed a lot on her website about horses, and when I asked her if she had any, she said she didn’t, but that they hoped to have one or two by next month.

“At the moment we are working on getting the fencing and barn up. As you can imagine, I am extremely excited about it!

You are also a Christian and your faith is very important to you, as it is to me. Can you share a little bit about how being a Christian effects the way you think of yourself generally, and your hair specifically?

“I believe that in everything I do I should honor God, including my outward appearance. I Peter 1:16 states, "Be holy, for I am holy." I believe I should project an uplifting and encouraging appearance, so this includes my hair. I Corinthians 11:15 also says that, "But if a woman has long hair, it is a glory to her; for her hair is given to her for a covering." Some people make comments that Christians do not have any "fun". The kind of fun they are talking about is only fun in the short term. Drugs, alcohol, and other "fun" that Christians do not participate in is only enjoyable in the present. Once it is over, you are paying for it the rest of your life. There are plenty of ways to enjoy life without wrecking your body and suffering the consequences for years into the future. I enjoy each day and have fun doing so many different things! The world is a big place, and there are new things to see and do all the time.”

I could tell right away that there was no lack of “fun” in your life, Stephanie! You are a very “fun” person! Tell me a little bit about your beautiful hair! Have you always had long hair?

“I always loved long hair. When I was very little I wanted to have long hair, so when I got a little older I grew it out to waist length. I had it that way for a few years, but then about 4 years ago I decided a change would be nice. I cut off more than a foot over the course of the next year or so until it was all shoulder-length. At first I liked it, but I realized that longer hair was better for me, so about 2 years ago I started growing it out again. I'm planning on keeping it long now for good! Right now I'm curious to see just how long it will get, so I think I'll keep growing it out until it decides otherwise.”

How long is your hair currently?

As of April 30th, it is 33 1/2 inches long.

Your hair is incredibly thick! Using Fia's Hair Typing System can you tell me what your hair type is?

“I think it's probably 2cNiii, although if I had it shorter it would probably be 3aNiii. The weight pulls the curl out a little bit. It is about 5 inches around my ponytail.”

(single braid down the back)

That is some incredibly thick hair! Do your friends like your hair long? I’ve heard that kids sometimes pressure the “long haired girls” to cut their hair into a trendy style.

“As far as I know, they all really like it. I get a lot of comments and compliments about it. I always get a kick out of it when strangers come up to me and say something about it, too.”

Do you like having all that thick hair?

“Yes! I think because it is mine, it is unique, and it is an identifying characteristic. After all, I'm stuck with it, so I might as well enjoy it!”

That’s a wonderful attitude to have! I always try to help others understand that they need to enjoy and love the hair they have! While it’s perfectly fine to admire others hair, it’s important to remember that we are all unique and have a beauty of our own. Thank you for reminding us of that!

You are very creative, how long have you been styling your own hair?

“My mom used to style it for me, but when I decided I wanted it long, I started doing it myself. It has always been very thick, and it would take her a long time to comb it out for me when I was little. When she was caring for it, we kept it short to save time. It started getting long when I was 7 or 8, and that is when I started styling and caring for it myself. She still gives me a hand now and then, of course.”

What made you want to try to recreate hairstyles you'd seen?

“I do not like to have the same style all the time. I love to do different and fun things with it, and I am always looking for ideas. Whenever I see an interesting style, I like to see if I can do it too. Sometimes it is not even a hairstyle...just shapes I see around me give me lots of ideas.“

What hair style is your personal favorite?

“To be honest, I do not really have a favorite style. I like to do all of them! I do like to have my hair partially down for special occasions, though. For every-day, I usually have it braided or in a bun, so it is a nice change to have it down.”

How do you come up with the ways to create these styles?

“I just go with what works! Trial and error, mostly. I just try to envision what I am going to need to make it work, then I hunt around the house until I find something to use and keep trying different things until I have success.”

Have you ever considered going into cosmetology and studying to become a hairstylist? I can see you working on the next Star Wars film!

“Not seriously. It is always a possibility, but I think what makes it fun for me is because it is MY hair. It's always fun to experiment on other people, of course.” Laughing, she says, ”My Mom can tell you horror stories of my "experiments" on her! I don't actually cut hair, either, so it would probably be difficult to find a job just strictly as a stylist. Some kind of job coming up with hair concepts and ideas would probably be more my thing. Next year and the year after, I am planning on going to the local college for dual enrollment {college courses and high school courses at the same time}. Once I graduate from high school, I will probably transfer to a different college to finish my education. I am hoping to go into something along the lines of Visual Arts or Creative Writing and Journalism. Nothing is set in stone though, so I may end up doing something completely different. After college...get a job and just enjoy life!

Stephanie, I am sure with your positive attitude you will be a success no matter what you do! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us here on the Loom.”

“Thank you for going through all this time and trouble to do this! It was fun!”

If you’d like to visit Stephanie’s website, please visit: <a href=”> Stephanie’s “Starfilly” </a>


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