How Do I Oil My Hair?

How Do I Oil My Hair?

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How Do I Oil My Hair?
By Long Hair Loom Contributor, Equestrian

Our scalp naturally produces sebum, an oil which coats and protects our hair. However, if your hair is not short, the sebum can not travel far enough down your hair shaft to provide this protective sheild. Use of a Boar Bristle brush can sometimes help to carry sebum, but many find that using oils is a wonderful option. A few oils are found to be very close to human sebum, one of which is Jojoba oil, used in many haircare products today. I'm sure you'll enjoy this great article on the application of oils on hair!
-D.A. Fox


I honestly attribute the natural gloss and manageability of my hair to the regular application of oil. In the past, before I started regularly using oils on my length, there was no way I could get my hair to look good without a glosser, or products such as straightening/smoothing/curling gel, etc. I feel the application of oil greatly benefited the health of my fine textured hair and provided much protection while I grew it out from 24" to 38".

There are many oils to choose from. I prefer jojoba oil; it is the oil that is most similar to the sebum our scalp naturally produces. I use jojoba oil for many other purposes as well, such as a moisturizer for skin, or as a base oil to add a multitude of essential oils to for use as a scalp massage oil. I also mix jojoba oil with aloe vera gel and/or essential oils for use on hair and skin.

While my hair is still wet (saturated!) after washing/conditioning, or in the evenings before bed, I apply a small amount of oil to the ends and slightly up the length of my hair. I always have at least a few drops of jojoba oil on my ends at all times. The amount used depends on what my activities will be; if I am going about my normal daily routine, and really don't care how my hair looks, I usually apply a generous amount of jojoba oil. If I really want my hair to look good, I pay close attention to how much moisture my hair requires that particular day, and apply the bare minimum amount of oil to wet hair... as little as just a few drops to avoid the "over-oiled" look, while still protecting my ends and achieving a glossy, smooth, full look.

If I will be working out or out in the sun/elements, I apply jojoba oil quite heavily through the length (from the ears down), using a very generous amount to saturate my hair.


I spread the oil through my hair while my hair is still wet after cleansing and conditioning. First I apply my leave-in or essential oils/water mixture (most often I use a leave-in conditioner with EO's added). I find the leave-in with EO's is more effective if applied under/before the oil. I then start to apply the oil... I determine what my schedule will be that day & the following day, and if I don't care how my hair looks, or I plan on wearing it up, I will apply jojoba oil generously. I will put about a dime size amount in the palm of one hand, rub my hands together, then finger comb with my hands & fingers in a "smoothing" sort of way, concentrating on the ends and the length up to about my ears, avoiding the scalp area.I repeat the application of a dime-size amount throughout my hair. After I have applied a generous amount of oil
throughout the length of my hair, I always put a few more drops of oil in the palm of the my hand, and put it just on the last 2 inches of hair.

I should point out that often, by the next day, the oil has soaked in to such an extent that my hair looks great - full, glossy, not greasy at all. If I know I will be cleansing the following day, I apply the oil very generously.

If I want my hair looking its best (full, glossy, not over-oiled), I apply the oil in a very different manner... I sort of assess my hair before I cleanse it to see how much moisture it seems to need and where.... possibly on the ends, or outer layer. After I have cleansed/conditioned my hair and applied leave-in conditioner with EO's, I put a few drops of jojoba oil in the palm of my hand, rub my hands and fingers together, and again, gently finger comb & smooth my hair by holding the length of my hair in between my palms and fingers, lightly running my hands down my hair over and over again. Then I finger comb some more or comb with a wide tooth comb to thoroughly spread the oil. If your hair is soaking wet, it is generally quite easy to evenly spread a tiny amount of jojoba oil through quite a bit of hair. I then put 1 more drop of oil in the palm of the my hand, and put it just on the last 2 inches of hair.

When I want to spread just a tiny amount of jojoba oil through dry hair, I often mix it with pure aloe vera gel & apply the mixture. One of the reasons I started to mix jojoba oil with aloe vera gel ("Aloe & Jojoba Glossing Gel") was simply to facilitate evenly spreading a small amount of jojoba oil through dry hair. (You can find the recipe at the end of the article)

Because of my schedule, I sometimes CO wash daily and I apply the oil as I listed above. However, usually I wash my hair about 3 to 4 times a week, and on the days I do not wash, each evening I apply a little jojoba oil to at the very least the last 2 inches of my ends, often up the length to the ears.

I almost always have some amount of jojoba oil on my hair, and I always apply oil more generously on the last 2 inches of my hair. This has worked beautifully for my hair type/texture to protect and moisturize my hair.

This Glossing Gel is quite moisturizing and imparts substantial shine & body. It is a light, glossing/protecting alternative to traditional styling products, and can be used to moisturize and smooth frizzy/flyaway hairs, or as a setting lotion to help hold waves or curls in place. Adjust the ratio of ingredients to your own personal preference.


Mix 3 parts aloe vera gel to 1 part jojoba oil. Inclusion of essential oils is optional.
Shake well before each use.

When I make my Glossing Gel, I prepare 4 ounces at a time so I have a bottle prepared and ready for use as necessary.

I mix 3 ounces of aloe vera gel with 1 ounce of jojoba oil plus various essential oils, then shake well and apply to the length and ends as a lightweight glossing gel to add intense shine, moisturize, add body, and smooth down hair.

I add essential oils to the Glossing Gel for additional benefits of shine, strength/protection and color enhancement, however it isn't necessary to add essential oils to the Glossing Gel, as the simple mixture of aloe vera gel & jojoba oil will glisten when you combine them, doing a lovely job as a glossing/smoothing, moisturizing gel.

I often add one of the following essential oils, or a combination of a few of the following essential oils to my Glossing Gel. Each of the following oils offer their own positive effect, such as moisturizing, strengthening, color enhancement, scent, etc. If you choose to add essential oils to your Glossing Gel, it is best to store it in a glass bottle to preserve the essential oils.

Ylang Ylang
Clary Sage

I have been using Lily Of The Desert 99.5% certified organic aloe vera gel. This aloe vera gel has a very smooth, liquid consistency, allowing it to mix well with the jojoba oil and essential oils.

Photo Taken June 2002: Waves/curls achieved using a generous amount of aloe & jojoba glossing gel on damp hair as a setting lotion before putting hair up into 8-10 spiral buns.

Photo Taken November 2001: Straight hair achieved by applying aloe & jojoba glossing gel to wet hair, then gently combing the hair a few times as it dried with a seamless wide tooth comb.
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Products Used:
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Aubrey Organics Chia Gel
Vinegar/herbal rinses
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MP & Madora wide tooth combs
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