Decorating Your Journal -part 2 in our journal series

Decorating Your Journal -part 2 in our journal series

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Decorating your Journal: by Chamomile Betty

Betty has been on the hair boards for about 3 years now, and specifically on the Loom since it's beginning. She is ever wishing us a wonderful day and sending out "Angel Hugs and Love" to us all. Her beautiful blonde hair inspired me to give her the nickname of "So Blonde Betty." For some reason she just reminds me of the glamour of Hollywood stars long ago. Betty has a love of long hair, health and beauty, espeically skin care, and so much more. You will enjoy reading her very own journal, Chamomile Betty's Garden and learning more about her. Betty is half of our two member journal team. For more information on how to contact Betty or Leia, please see our journal listings on our new home page (COMING SOON)! The Long Hair Loom Home
Now... enjoy the article! -Fox

Decorating your Journal: by Chamomile Betty
A Journal is Your Home

Starting a journal should be fun. It should show off your personality and your tastes. Think of your journal as your home on the Internet. Decorate it with all the little touches that make you feel like yourself. This is a place for you to come and relax, reflect, and reenergize yourself. This is not the place to be stressed. So bring your favorite snack and drink and plan to have fun while you create your journal.

What to include in your journal

There are many things that you can reflect on in your journal. Most of us are concentrating on our long hair journeys.

Some items that you may want to consider adding to your journal are:

Measurement Record - This is a great way to keep track of hair growth over periods of time

Product Thread - Create a list of all the products that you have used over time. It’s a good idea to remember what products have worked and have not worked so well for you. This can also include hair toys, brushes, combs, and anything else you may use to make your hair beautiful. You may also what to add links if there is a site to your product. This will give the journal reader some added information about the product you are using.

A Personal Photo Gallery - Make yourself the star of your journal. Add pictures of your hair in different styles. This will make it very easy for visitors to find and look at your lovely hair.

Your Hair Routine - This can be daily, weekly or monthly. It’s the routine you have customized to meet your needs. Why not share it with others of similar hair types. Someone may find the tip that sends him or her into long hair heaven.

Daily Hair Journal - So what did you do to your hair today? This can be a good start in your long hair journey. If something is not really working for you just look back in your Daily Hair Journal to see what you did. On the other hand if your hair is just being the perfect lil’ angel, you now have a record of what you did to get it that way. This also gives the journal reader some insight into your ‘Hair Day’.

No set rules

You do not have to follow the suggestions set above. There are many things you can do to create a journal that reflects who you are. Some use all natural products and may create a thread about the tips and techniques they use. There are others that take supplements and vitamins. It would be a good idea to keep track of what you are taking such as: the does, brand, and time of day the supplement is taken.

You may want to add different topics in your journal. It does not have to be about just hair. For example I have a section in my journal about my skin care routine. This is something that interests me. I love trying new products and taking good care of my skin.

Also, share your favorite hobbies and add them to your journal. Discuss you favorite books, movies, programs, sports and activities. Let us know who you are and what makes you special.

Adding the Decorative Touches to Your Journal

How to begin:

So you know what you want to add in your journal and now it’s time to decorate. Like many, I was not very computer savvy when I first found the boards. I didn’t even know how to cut and paste. Well, there are some wonderful sites on the Internet that will show you how to decorate your journal with ease and confidence. Remember it takes time to learn and you will have to practice. Do not be afraid and enjoy this part of your creating your journal.

Some sites:

Annabella HTML Help

Web Monkey: The Web Developers Resource

<a href=" ... atsheet</a" target=_new> ... atsheet</a>/

A Full Page of HTML Help Sites:

<a href=" ... ps.html</a" target=_new> ... ps.html</a>

Look around here and just have fun.

Those Decorative Touches:

Once you have mastered some basic skills it is now time to add those decorative touches.

So how do you decorate your home? Do you prefer warm and cozy, cool and modern, or do you like things plain or jazzy? Do you love those little cartoon dolls or would like to add some similes? Well, there are many different sites that offer some great backgrounds and graphics for you journal.

Here are some places to look around for graphics and backgrounds that will enhance your journal:

Dolls: The Doll Palace

<a href="</a" target=_new></a>/

Big List of Doll Makers <a href="</a" target=_new></a>

Smiles: Plauder Smiles

<a href="</a" target=_new></a>/

Misc Graphics and Backgrounds:

Anne’s Place Holiday, Special Occasion and Theme Graphics and Backgrounds <a href="</a" target=_new></a>

Christmas Clip Art and Graphics (huge site) <a href=" ... rt.html</a" target=_new> ... rt.html</a>

Fantasy Graphics <a href="</a" target=_new></a>/

Graphic Link Page <a href=" ... e8.html</a" target=_new> ... e8.html</a>

Victorians Net <a href="</a" target=_new></a>/

There are more graphic and background sites out there. These are the ones that I have used. Just take a day or two and search around.

<font size=6> Just Remember To Give Credit For Someone Else’s Work. Do Not Take and Claim As Your Own! </font>

Begin a nice thread about your graphics/backgrounds and add links to those places.

Hosting Pictures:

So where are you going to put those graphics and backgrounds you want to use? For those wanting to store their graphics/backgrounds/pictures there are some picture hosting sites. If you are using Network54 for your journal you can store your items there. However, if you want to save a picture and or alter it you may want to use a picture-hosting site. There are two I use:

Photo Island <a href=" ... CT=show</a" target=_new> ... CT=show</a>

Village Photos <a href="</a" target=_new></a>

Just remember that some picture hosting sites will only link to your picture for a limited time, like 2 or 3 months. You will then have to check back into your photo hosting account to get a new link and replace it in your journal.

Look around and see what each site does. You may find a free site that works for you or you may need to spend some money. Read what each site offers and pick the one that suits your needs. Just a note: you do not have to spend any money at all to create a journal. Spending any money is only if you want to, and is totally optional.


Now you have some information to make your journal a personal experience. It will take time and practice. You may like one thing today, but want to change it tomorrow. It is your home so go ahead and change that wallpaper and add some personal touches. It’s time to relax and enjoy the process of decorating your home on the Internet.

Angel Hugs and Love

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