CWC means "Condition, Wash, Condition" - A Hair Care Method

CWC means "Condition, Wash, Condition" - A Hair Care Method

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CWC is a washing/conditioning hair care method that has been around for awhile, yet is still relatively unknown outside the world of long hair. While some have used this type of system before "CWC" became popular, myself included, none of us really had a term for it. Martine coined the term CWC and made it an easy to understand, easy to follow hair care method, and now we see CWC used everywhere on long hair care boards... and perhaps elsewhere!

If you are not familiar with the CWC method, you'll really enjoy learning about how it helps to protect the condition of your hair, and even improve it. If you already are familiar with it, you'll still have fun reading a bit of "hair care history in the making!" This article was originally written on March 16, 2002 on LHL by Loom moderator, Martine.


<STRONG>CWC means "Condition, Wash Condition"
by Martine, originally written March 16, 2002</STRONG>

This is a method I came up to help my hair grow longer since long hair has
different needs than shorter hair:

The CWC Method

1. Wet hair, apply conditioner allover except scalp unless dry
2. Apply shampoo to scalp and head area with conditioner still on the hair
3. Rinse shampoo and conditioner out at the same time
4. Condition a final time
5. Rinse

Practically, you can apply the conditioner when you first get into the shower
and leave it on to deep condition while you do your regular shower routine.
Then shampoo at the end of your shower.

You can do whatever variations suit you such as holding the length out and
backing your head under the showerspray to rinse the shampoo out if you
plan to shampoo twice for example. If your scalp is dry you could apply
the conditioner to the scalp as well as the length before you shampoo (provided
you have a conditioner that can be used on the scalp). The final conditioning
is optional but I think it is good to do to ensure you cover any demanding
areas that may have been missed or that the shampoo disturbed as it was
rinsed out.

You would use this method on most washing days but skip the first conditioning
whenever you felt the length needed a complete cleaning. The conditioner
DOES clean hair so you can do this as many times as your hair feels good
continuing with it. Some buildup will occur, but build-up of conditioning
ingredients can be protective.

When my hair was bralength was the time when I began to find it difficult
to have long hair. The length just got so tangly no matter how I washed.
Since then it's been one experiment after another with many successes and
many failures. I think this method will help others who experience problems
finding the right products.

Usually the problem is finding a shampoo that isn't too drying for the hair
but works well on an oilier scalp. I think this method will work to improve
the performance of your products, whether they are standard synthetic products
or natural ones.

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