An Interview with Skeeter of Skeeter's Scrunchies

An Interview with Skeeter of Skeeter's Scrunchies

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An Interview with Skeeter of Skeeter's Scrunchies
by D.A. Fox

If you admire the signature pictures you see on the discussion boards of this forum and others, they are directly due to our own Skeeter! She brought faces and personality to our posts in a way we had not experienced before! She adds sweetness to the Loom through her thoughtful posts, her witty comments, and her adorable personality. Her talents extend beyond the computer to her own hand-made crocheted scrunchies and bun covers. Many of us have had the privilege of owning a Skeeter Scrunchie. If you don’t own one, you’re really missing out! Intricate workmanship shows off beautiful threads and color combinations. Glimmering beads add sparkle and glamour!

I thought it would be nice to learn more about Skeeter’s work, so we decided to do an interview so you could get a look into her life.

(Fox wearing Pony beaded soft white scrunchie)

When did you first start learning to crochet?

"As a child I always admired the crocheted pieces my Mom made. It amazed me… some of the things she could do without a written pattern. She was so talented! She would make the prettiest doilies trimmed with pods of grapes or roses. I couldn't even imagine doing it myself. I remember saying 'if I could do that I would make everything!' At that time I was somewhat of a tomboy. I was more interested in playing in the creek, catching crawdads, and fishing. I have always been an outdoors type of person.

Years later, I guess when I was in my early 20's, my Mom was working on a granny square afghan. My younger sister and I decided we wanted to make one too. Mom taught us how to chain and do the basic stitches. We finally made our first Granny Square! I was so thrilled I could actually do it. I just took off with it after that. We decide we would start what we call a ripple afghan. It’s just an afghan with single crochets and tassels on the ends. It was so pretty. The next thing I knew I was making everything from Afghans to Barbie dresses."

(Skeeter with table cover)

What made you decide to try your hand at hair accessories?

"I had put away my crocheting needle a few years ago. I had crocheted so much that I was having vision problems. Some of the ladies on the hair boards, LisaJaney and Thinkfirst to name a few, were making hair toys and things. That encouraged me to break out my crocheting needle once again. I found a few pretty patterns I followed, then made up a few on my own. It was good to crochet again. I always loved doing it, and love seeing how its going to turn out."

While I can’t crochet, I do cross-stitch, so I understand the joy of seeing something come to completion!

How long does it take you to make a scrunchie or bun cover? I know crocheting can be time consuming!

"This all depends. Some patterns are more difficult and take longer. It also depends on the mood I am in and how much time I can dedicate to making something."

(Skeeter modeling a beautiful bun cover)

Do you use a pattern?

"I like to use a pattern, but usually I end up adding my own touches to it. I love looking for new ideas and patterns."

How do you find time to work on your crocheted items?

"Crocheting to me is like reading a book. I like to crochet before going to bed. I also take care of my Dad, who is bedridden, so I’m there during the day. I do a lot of my crocheting then, while he is resting."

(Fox wearing two Victorian thread scrunchies together for color combo of blue and ivory)

How does it make you feel to be able to wear your own creations, and see others wearing them too?

"This is just the best feeling. It makes me proud, but humbles me too. I sometimes can't believe they have something I made and love it. It is really a good feeling. I love making things for people."

Do you think others appreciate hand-made things like your scrunchies?

"I find most people love hand made things. I know I do. To get something hand made is just so much more personal. While I crochet, I try to think of who I am crocheting for and what they would personally like. I like to do a good job so they can have something pretty that they will enjoy."

(Fox wearing baby blue Victorian thread scrunchie)

Do you have a favorite item that you’ve made?

"Oh my… I have had so many things I loved, and I have given them away as gifts. I made a beautiful Christening Gown set for a baby that was so pretty. It had a matching blanket. My Mom gave me some really nice thread one time. It was real old and I made some antique doilies from them. I gave them to my sister in-law for Christmas. She still uses them today. I think my favorite was a wedding gown I made for a Barbie. It was made with the little #10 white thread. It had a long train and veil beaded with pearls. I even made her bouquet. It was beautiful. A friend of mine has it in her curio now. As far as scrunchies, it is so hard to pick a favorite. I made some real pretty red ones I just loved. I also loved the white one with the black beads. I love the Victorian look."

(Anne wearing "red" Victorian thread scruchi accented with red beads)

You know, this last answer of yours shows how sweet you truly are. All of the favorites you’ve mentioned are things you’ve given to other people, or have sold to other people! It really shows that you like to give your best!

(Fox wearing White Victorian Thread scrunchie accented with black seed beads)

So far you've made bun covers and scrunchies that fall under the Victorian theme, is there anything else you are looking into trying?

"I love looking for new things to create. Once I start crocheting I always look for new patterns. I have an afghan I have been working on for a long time with a Victorian border. I also found a pattern yesterday for a Bible bookmarker that is real pretty. I would also like to make some sachets and fill them with herbs and essential oils."

(Anne wearing cream Victorian threaded scrunchi, accented with brown beads)

Skeeter, I know you’ve been through some trying times lately. Your Mom was hospitalized, your Dad has needed constant care for the last several years, and yet you continue to reach out and give so much to all of us here! We want you to know how very special we think you are, how much you mean to us, and how very thankful we are for all you do, but mostly just for the chance of getting to know you more. Thank you so much!

"I really want to thank everyone on the hair boards who have helped me over the past few years, and also to those who bought my scrunchies, which has helped me while I can not work in order to take care of my Dad. Mostly I want to thank you all for the encouragement and strength you have given me. It has really been good for me, especially during this difficult time. The Lord knows just when to send good people into your life. Many thanks and much love to you all."

Skeeter, you know that we love you too! We’re so glad you are a big part of the Loom, and we thank you for being here!

If you’d like to contact Skeeter about a crocheted hair accessory, please contact her via the Loom. You can drop her a note on the board, or through email by clicking on the link:[] Email Skeeter [/url]
Just be sure to put Attn: Skeeter into the subject line.


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