Geoff Gladding
Geoff Gladding

January 1st, 2015, 3:04 pm #1

To everyone,

Walking Coast to Coast in late August/early September was the highlight of my year in 2014. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish and there were a few people who really stick in my mind as having made it all that little bit more special. So, with many thanks and best wishes for 2015, I wish you a happy and prosperous 2015:

The nice man at the Orchard campsite; for your warm welcome and letting me stay in one of your caravans to save me pitching my tent:

The lads in the Cotswold shop in Grasmere (who were just about to go C to C themselves - but a lot quicker than me!) who sorted me out with replacement boots to replace my porous ones;

The kind and friendly Paul (and the nice young lady who was helping him out) at the Devon House Guesthouse in Robin Hood's Bay for a warm welcome and a lovely night to finish my trip;

The team at the Lion in at Blakey Ridge for the fantastic Yorkshire pudding and for doing a spot of washing to help me to return me to humanity;

Gillian at the shop in Patterdale; how I wish that all shops offered such a warm welcome and excellent fare;

The team at Packhorse who accommodated my changes of itinerary at short notice and to the driver who patiently waited while I packed my tent at Keld;

To (sorry, I forgot your name) the pretty girl at the YHA in Grasmere who offered to find a good home for my (almost new but still serviceable - in the dry) old boots;

And to the nice ladies at the chemist in Grasmere who gave me excellent blister advice - my feet looked like something out of a science fiction film by the time I'd finished - but they got me there!

A very happy 2015 to you all

Best wishes