Inspiring Young People to Ride

Next Generation Biking
Next Generation Biking

2:18 PM - Oct 07, 2014 #1

Dear Crossland Racing,

Next Generation Biking is a new website designed to encourage more people on to motorbikes, especially youngsters. We are developing a series of 'NGB Heroes' - stories of young riders that we hope will inspire people to have a go. We would like to invite Crossland Racing to be a part of this series. The article would consist of profiles of Callum and Bailey (and Dad even if he wants), a history of their riding careers, what they get out of it, a few pictures and maybe some video. The idea is to inspire our visitors by showing what riding a motorbike means to young people, the benefits, adventure and excitement they get.

If you would like to be a part of this project, please can you get in touch either by email or phone and we'll have a chat. Please have a look at the site (it's still in Beta testing at the moment so not everything works or is complete) to get an idea of what we are trying achieve.


Roger Tuson
07710 132647