Coast to Coast Walk

Jack Wynters
Jack Wynters

August 14th, 2014, 10:52 pm #1

Dear Lion at Blakey People,

In May of 2012 I led a party of four people on a magnificent 25 day trek across the north of England, organized flawlessly by one of the several fine companies that undertake to arrange the details of the walk.
All the arrangements for lodging were delightful and luggage transfer was seamless. It was impressive.

The four of us stayed at your lovely old inn for 1 night of the great walk, enjoying a welcome rest and wonderful food. We were delighted by The Lion and it was one of our favourites..It was among the nicest and most comfortable of the 18 places that we stayed at. We particularly enjoyed the ancient ambiance, cold beer, great wine list and great conversation. Nothing like it!

We filmed every inch of the way and now our company has released a two part documentary of our journey.
Part 1, a show of 51 minutes, covers the first half of the trek from St. Bees to Kirkby Stephen, and the 54 minutes of Part 2 show the journey day by day from Kirkby to Robin Hood's Bay.

Anybody seeing the shows will definitely want to do the trek (we even want to do it again, but from east to west and without the labour and effort of filming it). Those who have already done it would find the two documentaries a great souvenir. The Lion is clearly seen, inside and out, looking great, near the middle of Part 2.

We are aware of the fine BBC programmes presented by Julia Bradbury, but they are not often broadcast in UK and never in the rest of the world. They are also expensive to buy and the PAL DVDs only work in Europe and a few other places in the world. They are useless for potential walkers from the USA and Canada.

We sell our programmes from our website and only by download. Each download costs only 8.50 Canadian Dollars which is about 5 Pounds sterling. The two shows together cost only about 10 Pounds.

The following are links to our programmes: ... ay-part-1/ ... ay-part-2/

Once again, thank you.

Jack Wynters,
Wyntersea Productions Inc.