A great experience

A great experience


July 31st, 2017, 5:54 pm #1

Dear Paul

I was hoping to speak to you personally before we left this morning but I wasn't sure if you were around.

What a fantastic operation you have here. We have been walking the Coast to Coast and have been amazed by the service (or lack of it) we have received in some places. At one guest house, for example, check-in was not allowed before 4.30pm, so we hung around in the rain for two hours. In another place I was told the owner charges people an extra £10 if they arrive early. Amazing!

So when we arrived yesterday at 11.45 we were delighted to find cheerful, welcoming staff, a bar that was open, a restaurant ready to provide us with lunch.......and within 20 minutes we had our room (even though we would have been quite happy to wait till 2.00pm.

Dinner was excellent, so was breakfast and the staff were all great. And they remembered I had paid a deposit.....many places on this trip had simply 'forgotten' we had sent a deposit, or misfiled it somewhere.

All in all it was a great penultimate night and it was gratifying to see that someone understands what the word 'hospitality' actually means!

Kind regards

Richard Mole