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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Salem Xavier
Force of Nature
Force of Nature
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July 3rd, 2017, 7:53 pm #1

The guardian's pregnancy was a threat Salem had not anticipated. When news reached Siaraia of the impending birth, Salem was furious, foreseeing the extend of the damage that could be done with another powerful, light-touched being in this world. She'd only just risen to power in Siaraia. She'd only just regained a throne, and the blood queen was not willing to give it up. Not for anything.

And while a babe could do no harm to her, one born of the light guardian and her powerful paladin could prove a bigger challenge than she was up for. Any threat to the darkness was a threat to her throne and way of life. Balance must be maintained. That was what she called her trip: keeping the balance.

With each step through the forest, darkness and decay followed. The snow turned black beneath her feet, the trees shaded the last of their leaves. Birds fell dead in her trail, thudding to the earth behind her.

She knew the guardian would feel her presence, and that's exactly what she wanted. To pull them out of their safe little haven, into the world where she could do real damage. Her boot heels crunched in the snow, the tails of her skirts rustling behind her. Puffs of breath hung in the air near her lips.

As she drew closer, those ruby red lips parted, and she hummed a low, eerie tune. It caught on the breeze, leaving her lips to drift straight to the shrine.

Salem grinned as she stepped into the clearing, careful to stay a good distance from the shrine itself. There were wards here, that she knew, erected to defend against 'beasts' like herself. But how long could they hold up?

"Guardiaaaaan," she cooed into the night, stifling a little chuckle, "Lover-booooy!" she continued, circling what little area she could before the shrine, staring into the only lit window, wondering which of the parents-to-be would emerge first. "Come now, I only wish to congratulate you both on the news!"

{ She'll suck you dry, and still you'll cry, to be back in her bosom, to do it again }
{ She'll make you weep, and moan and cry, to be back in her bosom, to do it again }
{ She'll eat you alive }