Racing Rats

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[+] Spoiler
Bet on where the rat will go! The winner will be chosen via randomizer. Those who be on the winning color will win prizes! Post your character approaching the booth and betting on the rat, RP with others and enjoy the fun~

-One bet per character per race.
-No spamming.
-Follow all Avalon rules.
-IC Participation is required.
-100 Word Min.
-Bets do not cost out of game posts, however prizes will be of monetary value!
As you pass one of the game booths, you hear a voice calling out to you. "Come on over the next run is about to start! Come place a bet and win awesome prizes!"

Pushing past the crowd, you see a round platform with stripes drawn on it in a variety of colors. Each bar of color has a hole carved into it. With tiny walls raising up, a small maze is formed in a spiraling pattern. Looking back to the game master, you see a cage in his hands. Several rats of varying coats are contained within. A poster lays on the booth before you, it reads as thus:

'Bet on the rat! Just a coin! Whatever color the rat jumps into, is the color that wins the race. If you bet on that color, you win the prize! One bet per game per person!'

"Place your bet, the race starts soon!"

Once a sufficient crowd has gathered, the man removes a rat from the cage. He covers its eyes with his hand, making a show of insisting the rat can not peek or cheat on his race. Then he drops it in the center of the maze, blows a whistle, and off the rat goes!
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Kali was interested in what the crowd was gathering for in the gardens, and after a few moments hesitation, noting that he heard no screams of terror or sounds of war, he tentatively pushed through the crowd.

After much difficulty, Kali saw in the center was a maze with several colors around the edges, each color bore a hole. Kali looked around and saw that the crowd was mildly amused as the glanced upon the poster. Kali looked over the poster, seeing no words he could decipher.

"Excuse me sir," Kali said to a well-dressed gentleman in the front of the crowd. "What's that say?" Kali pointed at the poster.

"Ya bet on a rat, what color it lands on, son," He said, placing his bet. "Pick a color, place your bet. The rat gets to your color, you win a prize. You want in?"

Kali looked at his feet, embarrassed. "I don't have any money, sir..."

"Ah, don't worry, I'll spot ya," The man said, picking out a golden coin from his pocket. "Which color you want?"

Kali pointed to the red bar and the man placed a coin for Kali.

(i hope i win something)
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