Maf'ru Zerai
Name Maf'ru Zerai
Race Partial Ifrit
Gender None
Age 35
Class Monk
Profession Broker
Alignment Lawful Evil
Member Name Myran Chesmire
birthday 1 Feb 1992
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- Maf'ru Zerai's Glaive comes in three sections that detach and re-attach with chains.


Styptic- Promotes blood clotting, reducing the risk of losing excessive amounts of blood when wounded. It is recommended that this be applied directly to a wound rather than ingested.

Hawk Kite
This deceptively-simple looking silk kite does more than provide a few hours of relaxing leisure activity. With a command word the kite expands into a hang glider of a size appropriate to the character, and so long as the character hangs onto a couple of subtle handles sewn into the wings they are granted the capability of flight. As an added bonus, while flying the character is granted clear, precise sight for miles. What better way to celebrate your country than flying around taking in the sights from a bird's eye view?
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Fighter's Speed- A character with this ability has achieved a high level of speed and agility. This ability is equivalent to the Speed spell, but it does not stack with other speed enhancing abilities.

Deflect Arrow

Rune Blade




Mirror Trail