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Name Gin
Race Human
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Age 21
Class Alchemist
Profession Bandit Hunter / Potions Merchant
Alignment Neutral Good
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Gin's Diary
Open to Roleplaying | Alchemist
Keelhauled - [Open to 2]

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Pumpkin Spice Coffee
Bag of Autumn Leaves
Resist Fear
Wizard's Eye, Ethereal Sight - Spectacles Only
Hawk Kite

Mysterious Candy Cane
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Extra Minty! Candy Cane
Having trouble staying awake? Just carrying this minty fresh candy cane sure helps you awaken quicker. If you somehow manage to eat it while snoozing, the peppermint crispness will wake you up instantly!
(Reversed) Sleep Spell = $100 Sellback

Classic Stocking
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Holiday Trio:
An amazing set of potions, only ever found in threes. They can be consumed or physically applied. Each potion has its own unique effect. Holly Juice - A green potion that can be poisonous if absorbed through the skin. Tracking Device - A red potion that enhances the sense of smell, allowing one to hunt much like a wolf. Mender's Tincture - A blue potion which heals most wounds and minor illnesses.
Poison + Healing Potion + Find Aura

Magik (Jelly) Beanz - A strange confection created completely by accident by an amateur alchemist. Unusual but sweet candies shaped like beans. But just taste like plain ol' sugar. They are surprisingly filling, given their size.