Name Aedaen Al'Ben
Race Human
Gender None
Age 47
Class Pikeman
Profession Commander Of The Lost Spears [Fincayran Army]
Alignment Chaotic Good
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birthday 23 Jun 1992
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'Si vis pacem. Para Bellum.'
"If you want peace. Prepare for war."

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Mysterious Candy Cane
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Extra Minty! Candy Cane
Having trouble staying awake? Just carrying this minty fresh candy cane sure helps you awaken quicker. If you somehow manage to eat it while snoozing, the peppermint crispness will wake you up instantly!
(Reversed) Sleep Spell = $100 Sellback

Minty Stocking
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Merry Rings:
These shimmering rings of precious metals and stone protect one from the elements when worn. Plenty of people like wearing both at the same time, in order to keep feeling the perfect temperature.
Infernal Armour + Frigid Armour