Xue Jian
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Class Elder Sage
Profession Protector of Avalon
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birthday 25 May 1977
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Elder Sage Topics:

The Birth of Lux - Lux
The Other Side - Mirror Plot
Go Into the Light - League of Light Plot
One Step Out of Place - Ava
Finally Arriving Home - Ilria
Rise from the Ashes - Xue Jian, Eon, Van, Thio, Earia, Zarcaine

To Blaze and Burn - Sujin Ascension
Way of the Wind - Izumi Ascension
Light, Come Forth! - Kaikoura Ascension
Verkl?rung - Leopold Ascension
- The Old Red White And Blew
- Shiny Sparkler Dagger

Halloween Stuffs

Mysterious Candy Cane
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Extra Minty! Candy Cane
Having trouble staying awake? Just carrying this minty fresh candy cane sure helps you awaken quicker. If you somehow manage to eat it while snoozing, the peppermint crispness will wake you up instantly!
(Reversed) Sleep Spell = $100 Sellback

Green Stocking
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Eternal Warmth:
Not even the cold metal links holding this chest piece together will bother you, as this particular set of chainmail always keeps you toasty warm!
Chain Chest + Frost Imbued