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Peregrine was lost. She had been wandering through the ruins for a long time, and they seemed no les like a labyrinth then when she had started. She did not even know if the help she sought was here, or if the 'Lord of battle' was to be found elsewhere. The old hermit had simply said that he had once made his abode in this sacred place, and that he had not seen him move. He had also said that no food could be brought into the ruins, and that one may not sleep in there. Peregrine was weak from hunger and exhaustion, but she knew that she only had one chance to find the hero she needed. She could not give up, but she could not go on either.
Weapons wrote: - Elven Bow
- Piercing Arrow/Bolt
- Katana
Pets wrote:
[+] Spoiler
Nawain- a beautiful female Peregrine falcon which Peregrine bought, Nawain is peregrine's loyal friend.