Kel'han Sargith'lin

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Full Name: Kel’han Sargith’lin
Moniker/Nickname(s): Kel’han
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Drow (Dark elf)
Age: 215
Combat Class: Assassin
Alignment: Lawful/Evil
Religious Beliefs: Agnostic (Kel’han believes in the existence of the pantheon but pays homage to none of them.)
Place of Residency: Nomadic
Voice: Melodic


Build: Lithe/Agile
Complexion: Grey
Eyes: White (pupiless)
Hair: White
Attire/Armor: Kel’han wears traditional Drow made shizoku under horrifically designed armor crafted from the bones of now long forgotten targets. Usually the hood of his piwafwi is pulled low over his head to hide his dark elven features.


Personal Goals: To constantly test his prowess by intense training and fulfilling wet work contracts.
Areas of Expertise:
Common (Fluent)
Undercommon (Fluent)
Drow-sign (Fluent)
Common (Average)
Undercommon (Average)
Drow-sign (Mastered)
Poisons (Talented)
Stealth (Mastered)
Anatomy/Vital areas (Mastered)
Knives (Mastered)
Hand to Hand { Rah Duucald} (Mastered)
Information gathering (Talented)
Sabotage (Talented)
Picking Pockets (Average)
Picking Locks (Average)


Mother: Matron Mother of House Sargith’lin
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Brother - Weapons Master, Kananga Sargith’lin. Sister - High priestess Ser’phin Sargith’lin

Kel'han, being born a male, was doomed to a fate of hard labor or at best to be raised as breeding stock within the bowels of the Underdark. Having few options, Kel'han fled his home in House Sargith’lin and began his life on the fringe of Drow society. For nearly a decade, Kel'han survived by stealing food and fighting off other starving and Houseless males. It time, Kel'han had found combat not only as a way to survive, but as a calling. Kel'han's name soon found it's way to the Vel'xunyrr, a rogue organization that worked in the shadows of the Underdark and fulfilling wet-work contracts.

It was within this outcast group of males that Kel'han thrived and found his purpose in life. He took to the art of combat naturally, and for nearly a century he honed his skills in Subterfuge, assassination and hand to hand combat. Along with a select group, Kel'han was sent to the surface world above to continue to fill the clandestine group’s cofferes and to make a name for himself.

Fighter Speed- A character with this ability has achieved a high level of speed and agility. This ability is equivalent to the Speed spell, but it does not stack with other speed enhancing abilities.
Dodge- Permits the character to evade a blow performed by an attacker with enhanced strength and/or speed. (Is not required to evade blows between equals).
Perception- Characters with this ability possess highly developed senses, trained to detect details within their environment with precision and ease. Permitting the user to maintain a full awareness of their immediate area via disciplined use of hearing, sight, and smell.
Parrying- Allows one to deflect a blow performed by an attacker with enhanced strength and/or speed. (Is not required to parry blows between equals).
[+] Spoiler
- Throwing Knives
-- 1st Enchantment- Poisoned
- Shuriken
- Hunter's Dagger x2
- Bone Armor Set