Isle of Fincayra

A sprawling metropolis built up around a cluster of academic facilities, the capital of Fincayra, home to mostly elves, is known across the continent as a respected centre for magical study and research. The library in the castle of the Elven King and the prestigious university in the heart of the city draw many of those seeking knowledge to this place. Almost everyone that lives here practices some kind of magic, and those that protect the city from harm are equipped with an array of powerful spells and wards. Smooth white stone can be seen all around, laced with green creepers and adorned in places with multicoloured gardens. The air is filled with the sounds of running water, as the city is home to a great number of streams, pools, fountains, canals and other such features. This great network of waterways, often traveled by the residents, connects most of the city's main areas.

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