Horatio Westwind

Horatio Westwind
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Full Name: Horatio Ernest Westwind III
Moniker/Nickname(s): Westy
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Race/Species: Human
Age: 33
Combat Class: Fencer
Social Class: Merchant class (sort of)
Alignment: Neutral
Religious Beliefs:
Occupation: Cartographer
Place of Residency: Loosely based in Bridgersville, but generally lives on the road
Voice: Soft and gentle, generally upbeat
Build: Very much average
Complexion: Slightly sun-worn and tanned from countless hours wandering in the sun
Eyes: Bold, bright and blue
Hair: Brown, long but usually tied up
Birthmarks/Scars: None
Other Special Features: None
Clothes/Attire: Simple colours of browns, blacks and grey, often dressed in walking boots, breeches, a waistcoat and tricorne, with a pair of brass-rimmed spectacles
General: Not tall nor short, fat nor thin, at first glance Horatio Westwind looks like an entirely ordinary man. Yet his dress style, usually reserved for officers at sea, is perhaps more than a little curious for a man who spends so much time inland. Most often dressed in his breeches, boots, waistcoat and tricorne, he keeps a neat and tidy appearance, whilst using only the simpler colours of brown, black and grey, not wanting to draw too much attention to himself (and, truth be told, because he hadn't the coin for luxury).

Standing at perhaps five feet and nine inches, he is no imposing figure, not helped by his soft voice. His skin shows signs of having been beaten by the sun for many, many months on end and his long, dark brown hair is most often tied back and out of the way. Around his eyes are set a pair of brass-rimmed spectacles, battered from years of abuse, but the glass remains unscratched for the most part.

At his side he tends to carry a light sabre, gently curved and simply decorated. Attached to his belt are various pouches, and an old, worn looking glass. Upon his back it is not unusual for there to be a haversack, containing all of his tools and maps.
Likes: Travel to new lands, discovering previously unknown things, creating the finest maps, sailing
Dislikes: Staying in one place too long, crowds, fighting
Personal Goals: To chart every landmass, ocean and corner of the world in great detail
Fears/Phobias: Anything creepy or slithery
Strengths: A very good memory and an excellent sense of direction, strange ability to navigate in seemingly impossible situations
Weaknesses: Rather cowardly, not a good fighter despite carrying a weapon, cares more for his work than anything else
Habits/Quirks: Talks to himself a lot
Talents/Skills: Drawing, particularly of maps; navigation, as well as an odd interest in repairing and maintaining timekeeping devices such as pocket watches
General: Horatio was born to explore. From an early age he'd always been happiest when seeking out new places. Once a quiet man, he is now quite talkative (some would say too talkative at times) and loves to take any opportunity to show off his work to others - not in much of a bragging way, but because he is incredibly passionate about cartography and his detailed maps. Perhaps too focused on work at times, he can seem somewhat aloof, maybe even arrogant (and in fairness, it would not be unreasonable to say that) although he means nothing by it.

Horatio finds it very hard to stay still, for his feet are always itching to wander new lands in search of their secrets. Unfortunately this is somewhat at odds with his lack of bravery, for the man is a coward and travelling to new, uncharted lands often means encountering the locals, many of which are far from friendly!

When not sailing, walking or riding out in the world, Horatio likes to improve on his maps, gather old maps from archives to compare and look for potential new discoveries to seek out, and he also has a bit of an obsession with timekeeping. Clocks, watches, doesn't matter to him - a curious mind led him to investigate the inner workings and subsequently (after many failed attempts) learn the arts of keeping them in good order, and repairing them when they break.
Mother: Alexandra
Father: Horatio
Siblings: Richard, Maurice, Elisabeth and Jane
Other Family: Cousins Florence and William, aunt Beatrice
Significant Other(s): None as yet
Children: None
Friends/Companions: None currently
Pets: None
Family History: A merchant family for generations long since gone, the Westwinds are one of the more established merchant families in Tintagel. Though they had humble origins, a relatively poor set of traders transporting simple goods such as crops and lumber along the coast, it was Horatio's great, great, great grandfather Maxwell who purchased their first large merchant ship, able to cross the vast seas to distant lands. Soon, instead of simple goods of low value, they were dealing in spices, precious metals, fabrics and gemstones from far and wide.

Today they hold a moderate fortune and operate throughout the northern lands, being one of the few families able to transport rare goods in and out of Bridgersville without much in the way of trouble. Now they operate a vast fleet of large ships, with many sailors and even a private army in their employ.
Personal History: Horatio was the oldest son born to parents Alexandra and Horatio. As the eldest and his father's namesake, it was always expected that Horatio would inherit their trade empire.

Yet from a young age, Horatio had little interest in trading and gold, instead preferring to explore the land around their home, or the foreign ports that his father would sometimes take him to. He became obsessed with maps when he was eight years old, collecting many examples from all over the lands to study.

By age 11, he had grown frustrated with the lack of detail on the maps, which often only really featured coastal ports and major inland cities. In the spare time he had, he would frequently fill in the blanks with things from his imagination, adding excruciating levels of details to his fantasy maps.

At 18, his father gave him command of his first vessel, a small trade ship which ran between Bridgersville and the major Port of Avalon. Though good at the work, Horatio increasingly found himself bored with the back and forth journeys. There was never much to see and he had little interest in coin, and began to slack in his work, often enraging his father. After several years of this, he had finally had enough and, with the captain's salary he'd been paid, he purchased a vessel of his own, setting out to pursue his real interest and create better maps of the world.

For years he travelled around the coasts, plotting them out, marking every port, every fishing village, every river inlet. Soon though even this wasn't enough, and he started venturing inland, in order to fulfil his childhood dream of charting the known world. He travelled great distances, companions came and went, many times he found himself in dangerous situations, but through it all the was one goal and only one goal: cartography. His father, who had hated the decision, vowed never to speak to his son again and disinherited him, instead planning to leave the trade empire to his brother Richard. This caused a strained relationship with his family, but Horatio still calls into port to visit the family home from time to time.