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Another Day, Another Dollar. Another Delivery, Another (Would Be) Theft.

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She looked at the blood on her hands. This was ... really getting tiring. Not the fight, she'd finished with that. But having to fight in the first place. there was always some assassin, or bandit, or just hungry monster lizard damn kobolds wanting to kill her and steal her deliveries. And Vanessa simply could not have that, any of it. So she drew her sword that they were always seemingly surprised that she could use. And dispatched them with (usually relative) ease. She was just glad Amy wasn't with her, the girl didn't need to see violence. Every so often she wold wonder how the girl's magical training was coming along. Then decide it was better for her to remain, undistracted, under the tutelage of Xue Jian.

Wiping her hands clean with water and cloth, Vanessa ensured the package was still safely within its special satchel. Then stepped off the side of the road, into the trees aways, to set up camp. There was no need for a fire, she was only staying long enough to catch her breath. And clean her sword. When that was done, it was back to work.

So began the long trek towards civilization, with a parcel of important documents and family heirlooms and more mundane letters to the locals. The courier could be sure to inform the nearest authorities of pickpockets probably in their streets and definite highwaymen in their roads.
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