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A Good Right Hook

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A hastily written request has appeared at the guild branch in Velkyn, detailing a plight not all that uncommon in the rather seedy town...
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I know a man shouldn't be asking others to fight his battles, but a knife to the shoulder has a way of putting you out of commission for a while. I know what you're thinking, the crime in this pisshole of a town is always like this, why bother getting into a fight over some old geezer right? Well it's different this time. Different in that, this old geezer is willing to pay good money to have this threat taken away from his family. Also different because he's asking you to deliver more than a good right hook to the faces of a few scummy blokes-- He wants them run through in the streets for everyone to see.

There's a gang been around recently, but not the sneaky type. They parade around some of the less-known but still used roadways, waiting under archways and inbetween the alleys to shake folks down for cash and belongings. Say it's a fee for 'protection', that they're taking a toll for keepin' those parts of the town 'safe' from the thieves and cutthroats lurking in the rest of the place. Using robbery for an excuse to rob people, by damnit, can you believe that? To their credit they'd never hurt anyone till the day I stood up to them, told them to stop harassin the good folk passing through. Told em if they really wanted to help they should go take the fight to the rogues, work with the city watch and all that. As you can imagine, it ended in a scuffle in which I got stabbed up pretty good, but not before I sent one of 'em to hell and left another with half his face on the ground. Problem is, now they want me dead, and not just me but my family.

We don't have much, but we're up to payin' a hundred gold bits if ya can prove they're all dead as doornails. I've given my information to the Guild folk at the counter, bring this paper to 'em if you want the job.

With Regards,
~Old Harold Burr, Blacksmith

Job Availability: Any Rank.
Posted Location: Velkyn Branch
Accessible to Non-Members: Yes
Response Team Size: 1-4
Payment Rendered: 100 gold bits, paid upon completion
PP Gained: 120

Guild Recommendations:
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-- Medium to heavy armour
-- Melee combat capabilities
-- Skills in intimidation or stealth
-- Healing abilities/items

"Few battles are won in a single round."

Slots Filled:
-- Máel-Mórda
-- Jarin Tardoc
-- Fatalis, Son of Ohiura
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I would like to take this job with Nobody
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August 27th, 2014, 1:12 am #3

Slot granted to nobody, and opening post created. Hosted in the city of Velkyn, due to the sub-forum for the Velkyn Branch having not been created yet. Topic will be migrated at a later date. (Cheater link Here~!)

At the request of the job initiator, the additional slots have been closed.

Good luck~

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May 22nd, 2016, 1:40 am #4

Guild Notice:
Quest timed out on the grounds of inactivity and the assigned member's non-presence upon the site.

Job status has been logged, and will now be re-opened for assignment. The party taking the job will proceed immediately from the last DM post in the activated sequence as though they themselves had interacted with the Client.
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Gog will join to be muscle, since Blackrock isn't very sneaky

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..... -raises hand-
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May 22nd, 2016, 3:48 am #8

Logged and assigned. One slot remaining open.