Masters Hall of Fame

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April 11th, 2016, 11:23 pm #1

This will be the first year The Masters Hall of Fame will be held in Ohio June 18th. I am proud to announce that we have a great group of men that I have nominated for induction. Each one of these gentlemen are legends in American Sport Karate and it is an honor to be able to recognize their great careers. John Bell, Johnny Smiley Lee, Everett “Monster Man” Eddy, Michael March, Grand Master David J. Praim, and Grand Master AlGene Caraulia, who was the very first World Champion crowned in Chicago in 1963.
This will be a great weekend for karate with Master Bob Mitchell receiving The Mike Stone Leadership Award Saturday night. There will be seminars being conducted during the day Saturday. We will have black belts traveling from Southern Ca. to attend this great event and tickets can be purchased on the website in the “Store” section.
Thanks to CEO Daniel Hect for making this event take place.