Kenpo Ohana updates

Kenpo Ohana updates

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May 15th, 2012, 9:34 pm #1

A few Kenpo Ohana updates:

1) Kenpo Ohana 2011 DVD pre-orders should be going out shortly. Apologies on the delay, but with 4 presentation rooms, 3 camera people, 6 cameras, 11 total presentations, and 1 video editor, it was a large undertaking, to say the least. There will be a limited supply for new orders. Contact Christopher Stewart about purchasing.

2) I am pleased to announce that we have some information for the Kenpo Ohana 2012 charity benefit camp. Sigung Stephen LaBounty has been confirmed as our 1st presenter (Thank you Sigung!). Other presenters will be announced as they are confirmed. And we have a date: September 01, 2012. So mark your calenders and see you there!

Remember that all net proceeds for this event go towards supporting these 3 charities:

* Missionaries in India who rescue children from the slave trade,
* Missionaries in Asia who run an orphanage and school,
* The Royal Family Kids Camp, who ministers to abused children.

So thank you all for helping do a good work for our future generations around the world.


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