kenpo market in Chile

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Hi, I've been traveling and wanted to know how was the reality in the world of kenpo in South America, especially in my country Chile.
And the conclusion is quite painful, there are various schools of martial arts in kenpo, many teach American Kenpo Ed Parker in Japanese, this aberration is quite particular.
There are quite high levels and yet not have the minimum residence times in grades, are easily purchased, if so, to the highest bidder bought, especially when approaching the coming of an international seminar and are "recommended" for up grade by "teachers" who claim serious.
There are groups of "teachers" who meet each other and practically raffle who will deliver the new belt approved by all.
There is no regulation and these "teachers" without the minimum amount time spent in that grade.
Few really serious groups exist in Chile?
If these teachers attend these seminars only to be photographed with these teachers, and display it on its website to suggest that students are trained or time with those teachers.

Perhaps there is some really where this minimum standard of ethics is respected martial arts groups ?
It is becoming a shoping shopping , if you have the money to buy , he has his belt , and those " respected teachers " who would accountable ?
Teachers will know what they do?
The circus opened for this, which is an issue that apparently occurs not only in Chile but in the other countries .
Mr. Ed Parker would think , knowing that playing that way with his legacy ?
I do not think there is a single association in Chile that meets the minimum rule of ethics , I would doubt.
I know this topic is for long, but I say that I regret that something as important in their basic values ​​to be passed out by unscrupulous people who only think in advance by money, special interests that only feed the ego and greed.