fighter circut training/cardio CD

fighter circut training/cardio CD

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April 30th, 2009, 4:14 pm #1

I like to train hard and have been researching circut workouts and decided to come up with my own. The only bad part, is I was having to watch a stop watch myself to switch excersises. I'm thinkin, now I know why it's nice to have a partner watching the clock and telling you to switch and what not.

I also produce music so I recorded myself saying switch, saying when the next round is coming and to start, when to stop etc.

I'm gonna put music under it, i'm a dj so im gonna mix it underneath....then I thought others might benefit from this. So i'm puttin it out there.

The circut workout represents a fight in the cage. Three five minute rounds, 60 sec rest in between rounds. 60 sec before the first round with round start in 30 sec anouncements, and 30 sec announcement inbetween the other rounds. Stop announcement at the end of each round.
I can put any music you want underneath it, i'll mix it so it's continuous, I can put three different 3 round workouts on one CD, or two 5 round workouts. maybe you wanted a workout with all metal music and another with all hip hop/rap music, a mix of everthing...whatever. just give me a track list for each workout (artist/song). I should be able to come up with it. if I don't have a certain track i'm sure I have another one you would want.

the copy you get will be for promo use only, your not paying for the music, your paying for the service I provided you, in recording, and mixing the project for you, like when I dj in clubs, im paid to provide a service, I can play what I want, im just making you a cd you can workout to... so dub it for your friends you train with, run a cardio class with it I don't care.

I have designed my own workout, it's all body weight, no equipment, except I had to build a box I could jump on and off of. you could replace that excersise with something else if you don't have something like that or wish to do that excersise. But i'll include my workout if you don't wish to come up with your own.

the CD is 20.00 a workout, due to each workout being a recording project that's probably gonna take around an hour to do.

If you want one, email me your contact info, and track list(s), i'll give you my info for where to send payment, by the time it gets to me, i'll have your project completed and ship it to you.

money order or cashiers check please, this just a little project im doin, not tryin to set up paypal and everything.

if you wish to check my production credentials out...

thanks for your time, train hard.