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Hey guys

So RPG (should be studying but it is freezing cold in our flat and I can't be bothered at the moment so I thought that I would start a discussion).

Now my idea is; following on from the best RPG we had (the first one) in which Quasi Military was taken over etc. and we were all involved. I thought well, why don't we restart the RPG from this point (following the First World War of the Island Continent), but perhaps we could turn the clock back and set it up in the same kind of time period following World War II; so maybe 1948-49.

Just before the beginning of the 1950s, we can start with newly created countries, I would like to have a split state personally, kind of like Germany, with a socialist side and a capitalist side; with the capitalist side recently occupied by Decks and Metz, and the socialist side occupied by soviet; but now they've created satellite states and it's a split country.

And I thought we could not have nukes yet; i.e. they're being researched and so we can go through who should belong to the nuclear club and stuff like that which would be cool.

And this way we also have viable research that we can look up ourselves and say we are researching that and then deviate from that. Kind of make it more realistic maybe?

Any ideas about this?
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