******** from the Rectum

Proper rep
Proper rep

March 14th, 2016, 10:08 pm #1

"The examples are a little too cut and dried in some instances and reflect the lack of engagement of existing Trade Unions in meaningful negotiations and in also understanding the issues of members involved. We in the RCTU are experienced in the nuances of travel and the issues for members in these stress times. It is crucial that as offices start to close that precedents are not made that are detrimental to members and that overarching policies are in place to protect members."

Rectum latest - "nuances of travel" - this is hilarious up its own arse pomposity.

Get of your Rectums and actually help people around you. PCS reps are dealing with 1 to 1's now against a hostile employer that Rectum are in league with. Some may remember when C&E merged current RCTU dignitaries supporting an hour and half travel .............short sighted then and short sighted now.